Streamity − A Disrupting P2P-platform Exchanging Cryptocurrency to Fiat Currency Power By Smart Contracts

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Streamity is a project that used hi-tech technology and information resources using ecosystem of blockchain developed for general public adoption or free distribution. Flow with mission contributes to the event of crypto community security, the flow is a priority for users and society. By exploitation of blockchain technology, this is the decentralized crypto exchange. Streamity additionally developed a service capable of providing a comprehensive crypto exchange for fiat currencies while not the employment of third-party. Service is a streamdesk service. This new service is definitely able to shield users of all sorts of cheats from all sorts of cheats including even have been exploitation good contract. DAPP
STREAMDESK is a P2P platform that service both each party will make transactions. Streamdesk is incredibly innovative with the adoption of blockchain technology and with it will be discovered to own good security whereas benefiting co-workers. However there's no comparison of streamdesk services with typical monetary establishments like stock exchanges, banks or others as a result of fiat currencies are transferred directly between people.

There are lots of benefit of streamdesk that cannot be accessed on another exchange service that have been in existence. Below are the features that set Streamdesk apart from conventional exchange services:
• Smart Contract cannot be separated from ecosystem flows
• Operation Legality: Follow the KYC policy supported on a good partnership
• Minimum Commission: Users will select the transfer technique per their own policies and additionally little commission between zero to two percentage
• Simplicity and convenience: a straightforward and safe method to buy or sell crypto in one application
• Crypto-community freedom: The platform enables using of fiat currency and cryptocurrency which both work perfectly without any challenges. The service is truthful. The exchange rate per unit are collected from the main key crypto as close to current market exchange of cryptocurrency.

The STM Token are opened for trading on a major crypto exchanges platform that enable it to be available and open for new users and enables investors trade it instantly.
The development of STREAMITY services and therefore the inclusion of latest users can produce steady STM requests. In addition, the STM token has unlimited exchange rate potential in reference to fiat currency and as well as main crypto.
STREAMITY" project is based on known mass services, demand for project services are maintained for market conditions of cryptocurrency. Therefore, we expect the STM exchange rate growth to be stable with comparatively low volatility. STM TOKEN PURCHASE throughout ICO HAVE price for promoting MARKETS Users curious about STREAMITY services - they receive a STM token at a worth abundant less than the worth at the time of service launch which provides them important savings once exploitation STREAMITY Crypto-investors service - they will earn profit by trading the STM token on the secondary market or exploitation the STM token as a low l risk element of its investment portfolio.

The STM Token is listed on the primary password exchange giving them new users and permits investors to sell them at once.
The development of STREAMITY services and therefore the inclusion of latest users can lead to stable STM requests. Thus, the STM token has unlimited potential for exchange of effects compared to fiat currency as well major cryptos.
Because the "STREAMITY" project is based on well-known mass services, demand for project services are maintained for market conditions of cryptocurrency. Therefore, we have a tendency to estimate stable STM exchange rate per growth with comparatively low volatility.

20% - bonus is given during the first day of the token sale (phase #1)
15% - bonus is given starting from the second day of the phase #1 until the end of this phase

Start: 12.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
End: 25.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

Numbers of tokens available during the first phase of crowdsale: 100,000,000 STM
The cryptocurrencies accepted:
Tokens exchange rate:1 STM = 0,2 USD

This price doesn’t include bonuses, please check the bonus program

Phase #2
10% - bonus is offered during the phase #2

Start: 16.04.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
End: 29.04.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

Numbers of tokens available during the second phase of crowdsale:
hard cap
The lower limit to launch the project
25,000,000 STM
The cryptocurrencies accepted:
Tokens exchange rate:
1 STM = 0,2 USD
The price will not include bonuses, kindly check the bonus program for detail information on crowdsale
The funds raise will be distributed as follows:

70% of tokens are given to participants within the trade;

25% to the service team;

3% promoting and development;

2% to advisers and partners.


The steamity team was headed by Vladislav Kuznetsov with support from other experienced professionals which includes
Dmitry Martyanov (technical director)
Oles Sribniy,
Pavel Bulgarsky,
Maxim Yarushin,
Olga Prosalova
Marekting and promotion will be handle by well-known specialists w the marketing industry

The advisors were Andrey Zolin (the developer of the ability system of the Efirium in Sberbank)
Alexey Gaiduk (Fortifier)

Facebook: https: // World Wide Web / streamity
Twitter: https: //


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