Next Level Token: Blockchain Technology Meets Gaming

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The potential what blockchain technology offers and what it can offer has long been stuck on my mind. But the true realisation of their potential strikes when we come across projects that have the capacity to fundamentally alter how we operate in the day-to-day life. No doubt like many others on Steemit, I am a self-confessed gamer, so any developments that have the ability to change the gaming industry is bound to catch my eye. Today we speak of a similar development that caught my eye recently,the Ethereum based, Next Level Token (NLT).

The white paper describes the aim of the project as being:

The Next Level Token aims to reward players who win matches through digital currency. Each time a player wins a matchup, they are awarded a set number of tokens that can then be used to get in-game upgrades, or cash out for real world value.

Interestingly, the white paper also indicates that subtokens will also be created once the supply of tokens falls below 20 million, a solution proposed by the project should future demand of tokens outstrip supply.

Games In Development
Games that are currently in development:

  • Diplomatic Deathmatch

An arcade 2-D fighter based on prevalent modern political icons. Players will test their button mashing skills in a battle to win both bragging rights and Next Level Tokens.

Already available on app stores, here’s what the game looks like:

  • VR Tactics
    VR Tactics is 3DVR strategy game that draws inspiration from the Advance Wars series. New mechanics and units have been added, bringing completely new dynamics to the game


NLT is attempting to make the gaming industry a much more dynamic one with the use of tokens that possess actual monetary value. Individuals that possess significant skill in a particular game, can leverage their talents for money. This would also introduce the added element of increased competition, which in turn may also make spectating games a much more interesting pastime. The core values that I can see in this project, is one of community and representation. This project could act as a gateway to introducing others to the world of cryptocurrency, whilst also engaging with their favourite hobby. This in turn could further the growth of an already growing community of crypto-enthusiasts. Thus, from the perspective of wider cryptocurrency adoption, NLT could prove to be a valuable asset in the future.

NLT is also currently in the midst of an ICO that will end on the 31st of August. Early investors will supposedly have access to exclusive content and be able to participate in the beta testing of games that are being developed.

For more details visit here.

author: @bisade

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It has been said (here: that the distribution of cryptocurrencies should be tied to a game. No, not solving captcha's to get some RAIBlocks but exiting all encompassing games luring 'normal people' to cryptocurrencies. This could immediately be tied to a real (first) purpose for cryptocurrencies: in game payments.

One thing leads to another and before you know it, the entire world pays with cryptocurrencies.

That token looks hideous. I don't know why these icos and coins dont ever hire professional graphic artists. They aren't that expensive.

Wow, I can't believe Bitcoin made it onto Family Guy. To bad its a skit where Peter makes it sound like an awfule "Peter" type of idea. Lol is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for splitting your comprehension with us. It’s really useful to me & I hope it helps the people who in need of this vital information.

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Great post! Interesting coin! Thanks for sharing!

OMG.... GAMERS UNITE!!!! @[email protected]
i will never get tired of gaming...

@adsactly I think gaming will be a way in which many IRL get introduced to the cryptoverse. Wallets and security have a long way to go to protect your average Jane/Joe, though.

I can just imagine the day some person walks into the home improvement store and asks "where can I buy a hardware wallet?". lol

Thanks, I'll have to look into this some more!

thanks for this info... you did great... keep it up!

Good post , thanks!!

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anyone know if there are any game engines on blockchain where game developers can create games?

Good nexs level. blockchain technology!
I like post!

Would it not be the best if we could cash out our GTA V money?

Wouldn't that be something... :D

With nlt, gaming industry will step up to a whole new level. It become more exiting and encourage to take serious on the game.

I totally agree. It will be really interesting to watch how this may develop the gaming industry!

Me too, bit exited on these pro

Blockchain techmology is increasing day by day and its incredible.
Thanks for this news your shared with us.
Great bro @adsactly

This is very interesting. This could be a game changer (no pun intended. :P ) for the gaming industry. We see a huge adoption rate to the amount of people watching gamers, just like people have used to watch other sports. This could be something that can take gaming to the next level!

Yeah this is sick! I'm definitely going to look more into the development team and white paper, but it looks like a project that I would 100% back! Thanks for the info!

Good good post

Thanks for this post!
I do not see the time to watch games with blockchain technology!
Keep it up!!

This could change the world. I was wondering if anyone was going to try to do this!

it will be a good step

Great post, looking foward on more, thanks for sharing the info! #keepsteemin :)

Great stuff

Thats good news

It's not like this token doesn't already have competition. If I'm not mistaken, there are already two fairly high market cap gaming-industry-focused cryptos out there, one of them his Game Credits (GAME on Bittrex).

Furthermore, it looks like NLT will only be used for their "in-house" games, whereas GAME is trying to focus on being used in A-list titles for gaming consoles and PC. The latter is far more ambitious and has a much higher ceiling in terms of number of people that it can reach.

While a good concept, I think using it for mobile games is kind of careless. Mobile games are fairly easy to hack and/or exploit, just like we've seen for Pokemon Go with GPS hacks. The system will be full taken advantage of and the legit players are the ones who lose in the end. The other issue I see is that if the coins actually possess monetary value and players are awarded based upon skill, there could be issues running into gambling laws. I'm not a lawyer or even a crypto expert, this is just my 2 cents.

Really nice post

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Virtual reality will be huge in the future 😎👍

When i see CC and Games there is my place :D

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When blockchain meets the gaming industry, you be can sure the marriage will yield very profitable offsprings. I'll take a look at this NLT. Looks like the first ICO I will engage in. Thanks for sharing @adsactly I lurk in your discord channel. You guys are awesome.

Shew, VR is really gonna blow up big time

Gaming is a huge market

Next Level! More mushrooms please!

the post is very informative, just learn some thing from this post.

Cryptopocalypse I love you but... leave the video games be...

Interesting concept. Gaming certainly has a big market, and big growth potential. Especially if gaming can take on the type of role in North America that it already has in Asia.

I will be checking out the ICO to see what is going on with this one for sure.

Thanks for sharing!!

I heard about this idea some time ago. And it is cool that someone already implemented it.
But there is always But :) Even though, I like playing games a lot, example of Diplomatic Deathmatch did not inspire me at all. What do you think about popular games like Dota2, Counters Strike , League of Legends etc. Do they have a future with NLT or some other similar projects?

im waiting for more game tokens development i heard etherium will be mined in game shroud of avatar, i hope in future we can play any game and earn to our self some $

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Having a love for blockchain and crypto greatly looking forward to ideas in line with "Blockchain Technology Meets Gaming"! Thank you for sharing.

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