Found Two Gems on Binance - Which Coin Is Next?

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Doing some research

While looking for some potential gems in the Binance Futures markets, I found out that most of the coins have gained 100-250% from the local low (March) to the local high (June). Bitcoin gained 190%, ETH 180%, LINK and Stellar +200% - just to name a few.
Below is a comparison chart:

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Of course, I also found out that there are some major exceptions, like Cardano (ADA), IOST or VeChain (VET), which surged 400-600%.

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I kept looking and researching, until I stumbled upon two outstanding gainers: Zilliqa (ZIL) and THETA, both with >1000% gains. Both of them are newly added to Futures Trading and are smaller cap coins, ranked 44 & 47 on Coinmarketcap. Trading such coins is indeed risky, but the profit could be enormous.

ZIL/USD Weekly Chart

1234% in three months - not bad at all. We're currently finding support at the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement, but the trading volume has drastically decreased and the MACD Histogram is shrinking, indicating that the bulls are losing momentum. However, the RSI is entering the neutral zone and we have a 21 - 55 EMA cross (yellow, blue) which is kind of a very bullish sign, considering that most of the other coins are still far away from this.
If the market stays neutral-bullish, it is possible for us to get another leg up in the following months, reaching the previous top (or even higher, who knows) and get a RSI and MACD bearish divergence. At the other hand, if things get ugly, we could revisit the 0.618 retracement and the 21&55 EMA - which will probably grant a very strong support level.

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ZIL/USD Daily Chart

On the daily we're following an aggressive falling wedge pattern, with decreasing trading volume, and are finding support at the 55 day EMA (blue) and 0.5 Fib. retracement. The flat MACD-Histogram and decreasing Volume could be early signs of the bears losing momentum, so thing are about to move.
If things get ugly and we're getting near the 200 day MA (grey) and the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement, I'll be looking to accumulate more

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Do you have a secret Coin?

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Thanks for reading and safe trading!

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what a great research from you @aezakmi great job from you

Thank you; answer not related to bounty however.

I have to say that I have some difficulty understanding the crypto futures markets.

Trading cryptocurrencies is super volatile, but messing with crypto futures is even crazier. In the end, it is as you said, it can and it is risky but the potential gains are ridiculously big.

In the end it is all about good risk management and a carefully pre-planned risk/reward setups. As long as you stick to a plan and don't get too greedy, you should be just fine.

Answer not related to the bounty though, but thanks for stopping by!

Oh, sorry about that I didn't notice that "small" detail. And it´s your fault, your post was worthy of my attention and I was not here just for the bounty!!

Btw, I would say my secret investment lays on Nebulas since 2018.

Hello @diogosantos and sorry for the late reply! I did not have access to the internet in the last period. I don't know too much about Nebulas, but I'll take a look for sure.

Thanks for the input; have a nice one!

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