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The PalmPay blockchain-agnostic point of sale software with atomic swaps

Not that we're paranoid or anything, but from what we see happening in the world right now, the economy (especially merchants) are not going to survive this unless they prepare, and start using 100% free, decentralised systems. The collapse is here and sadly, it's a race to the bottom..

  1. Increasing gov regulations make cryptocurrencies illegal, exchanges shut down due to excessive licensing, extreme KYC/AML implemented, some mining becomes illegal due to carbon-footprint, etc.
  2. Major banks shut down due to some "event" (Strait of Hormuz blocked, cyber attack, the Iran "problem", aliens take out the White House, etc)
  3. Global hyperinflation, making all current fiat currencies worthless
  4. Centralised Exchanges (CEX's) will shut down (Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc) due to a myriad of issues. Insolvency/illiquidity (they don't have the coins they say they have), they get "hacked", exit scam, etc. Remember, they rely on the banks.
  5. Bridges will shut down (shapeshift, changelly, etc) since they rely on those CEX's.
  6. Point of sale companies will shut down (Bitpay, Coinpayments, Pundix, etc) since they rely on those CEX's.
  7. The Petro Dollar (USD world reserve currency) is being destroyed, by design.
  8. Cryptos/coins that rely on that existing system will die a quick death (Tether, Dai, Tusd, Ripple, Libra, etc)

So, what do we do? How do we get economies moving again once it locks up? How do we prepare economies for it NOW? Counter-economics. Use a decentralised, free-markets system that does not rely on that old system at all.

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The 5-Steps to Free-Markets...

  1. Free your mind; Government is a religion (ment = mind, govern = control). Taxation is theft. Stop voting for that guy to oppress those guys (since they're doing the same to you (result is bigger government)), and do your best to leave their construct. Make love, get healthy, use alt money and energy, drill a well, grow food, reject consumerism, tune out all mainstream media, buy and volunteer/contribute locally, befriend your neighbors.
  2. Earn stable coins/cryptos from international customers with a free, Decentralised Application (Dapp) like PalmPay, that does not require any CEX's, uses a DEx like the Bitshares platform, and doesn't worry about any of those 8 points above.
  3. Trade locally with "Tellers" - People who buy and sell cryptos for fiat currencies, and vice versa. Get your coins off of the CEX's. See the map of Tellers around the world in the BiTSy wallet app.
  4. Earn cryptos as a Teller or Merchant, or even by just advertising or posting interesting content online (with tools such as Minds, Steem, Whaleshares, Dtube, Bittubers, LBRY, Dsound, Gab, Bitchute, etc).
  5. Show a friend how you are doing some of the above. Trying to "wake people up" can just put up more walls, so if you can just smile and take that first step, the journey itself takes you to the free-market. Lead by example.


PalmPay v1.6 Released - "Jackrabbit"

The PalmPay blockchain-agnostic point of sale software enables any business to accept one or more cryptocurrencies at zero cost.

What's new in this PalmPay release?

  • Completely replaced our old Node-Hopping algorithm with a brand new Bitshares Node-Hopping Web Service (NHWS). Enables PalmPay to hop to potentially hundreds of nodes worldwide instead of just a few. Very important, as some PalmPay merchants are mobile such as Taxi Drivers and Flight Attendants. Network connectivity is everything to Crypto, especially as attacks on our internet increase, so maximum decentralisation is imperative.
  • Updated (human-corrected) translations, 104 languages
  • More MVVM architecture/performance upgrades finished

What's next on the PalmPay roadmap?

  1. Atomic Swaps with more individual blockchains, and more decentralised order books (Komodo, DexEos, Blocknet, etc), eliminating all use of CEX's and Bridges.
  2. Integrate with C-IPFS so that PalmPay no longer needs App Stores, or any use of http and DNS (attack vectors)
  3. Re-integration with Odoo (we did this 4 years ago, but our recent architecture upgrade forces us to upgrade our Odoo Dapp as well)


Downloads: (français)

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So, tell us what you think, are Free-Markets the answer..?


Don't forget @homesteaderscoop where you can buy actual goods with all that money you earn from social media :)

I believe @sagescrub is still looking for someone that's wanting to set up another ethical marketplace using the same platform as well, if you know anyone.

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Exaaaactly, this is grass roots all the way. It is an awakening too. Permaculture, co-ops, homesteading, seasteading, using the alternatives that we have available to us now and departing the slavery system. It fiiiinally happening :)

It's soooo happening! I've been listening to Toby Hemenway's "Civilization" talks and it's so serially inspiring I can't hardly stand it. It's 100% unstoppable and 100% achievable on whatever scale you can imagine.

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