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Hi Community of AI Network,

This is AI Network Team to greet you for the first time on the Steemit.

We would like to tell you more about how we started our project, the AI Network, and what we haven’t written in our white paper about the future that we want to build. The AI Network blog will also provide news of new partnerships and the ICO as well.We would like to talk about a problem that AI Network is trying to solve, and in a big picture, how AI Network tries to solve the problem through the blockchain. We will introduce AI Network in detail through about 10 regular episodes, so please be very interested.


In March 2016, the battle of the century between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol attracted a lot of attention to artificial intelligence, which had a huge impact on human life. However, research on artificial intelligence requires a large number of CPUs or GPUs. A few global companies have taken the lead in the development of artificial intelligence by having data centers around the world. Smaller companies and researchers are running machine learning on the cloud services provided by a handful of global enterprises. Generally increasing dependency and market monopoly lead to rising costs. The fact is that researchers from many college labs, small but creative companies, or government innovation department are missing the opportunity to contribute on developing artificial intelligence because of the lack of computing power and cost increasing, despite their creative thinking and data on developing AI.

Useful Computer Resources Used for Simple Mining

With the high economic value of Bitcoin, people begin to consume vast amounts of computing power for simple mining. According to a British energy research institute, electricity consumption to mine bitcoin exceeds electricity consumption in 20 European countries. AI Network is a project that allows computers and electrical resources used for simple cryptocurrency mining to be a resource for machine learning to develop artificial intelligence.

Anyone can easily participate in AI development at affordable price

The use of AI Network for artificial intelligence research eliminates the dependence of several large companies’ computing resources and gives you more choice than they provide. Each study leverages the appropriate and affordable computing resources, enabling artificial intelligence research to proceed independently, which was impossible or costly in the past. AI Network designed Deep Computing, a computer architecture that can leverage distributed blockchain to construct P2P cloud computing and ultimately operate AI solutions such as AlphaGo. For more information on Deep Computing, please see our whitepaper.

Use idle computing resources for AI research on the highest level

AI Network offers not only the revenue from simple mining for prospectors, also the opportunity to participate in artificial intelligence research while pursuing higher returns. Unlike other projects,AI Network uses blockchain to deliver only small amounts of information that can give mutual trust and other services — Execution of algorithms for real AI problem solving, SRE*, Big Storage** — are provided through trusted protocols. The miner identifies the AI Task that was received through the AI Network during mining. If the profit set for this task execution reward is greater than the reward you will receive for your existing mining work, you will be able to perform the AI Task. This will allow the miner to leverage the same resources for more rewards.

  • SRE: Secure Runtime Environment, which is a language-independent Sandbox programming environment for operations on multiple host nodes.
  • Big Storage: Storage for exchanging/sharing work-related data among AI Network nodes. It becomes an integrated form of centralized or distributed data storage services from different service providers.

Our next post will provide a detailed description of Lablup and Common Computers, companies that founded the AI network.

Thank you.





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