Blurt's Undeniable Appeal- The Newest Blockchain Project Out

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Blurt premiered on July 4th, 2020 and was the result of the tense relations between Steemit and Hive, and is an airdrop available to Steemit account owners. A snapshot was taken in May of 2020, and you will see BLURT airdropped into your Blurt wallet on a 1:1 basis for the STEEM you held on the snapshot date.

The team is extremely open about their plans for the future. We have already gone through HF2, and user-reputation is gone. I have asked questions, and they have been extremely open about the project's progress and future plans.

Witness and developer username jacobgadikian publishes a daily log about the project process and will answer questions.

Visit Blurt at the link below and claim your account:

Blurt is traded on Ionomy, and is currently valued at $0.01, which has been impacted by whales powering down their airdropped stake, and the thinly traded asset that can only be purchased on Ionomy. I highly recommend buying now, as the Blurt cryptocurrency has dipped from $0.03 to $0.01, representing the opportunity to become a whale on the cheap. I own approximately 31,000 BLURT.

Buy Blurt on Ionomy:

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