How to get yourself more likely exposed to the right opportunity

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you could have bought at 16 and sell at 148 in this last weekend window frame

Hello again Dear steemians, today I would like to share with you A recent happening that I witnessed. which made me think even more about how importante is to be in touch with the right people.

About 2 weeks ago I have joined in a discord group called @ADSactly (Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You) since that I've try to be constantly participating into the group talking, making friends in there and learn a lot with more experienced members. One amazing thing about it this group, and I might say the whole majority of the cypto world is that there always people willing to answer your questions.

I've been learning a lot for just be in the same room a lot of more veteran traders, or authors. I mean when you let yourself to be in the ambient with skillful people, interacting or even just watching then to interact by the end of the day you'll surely be also a bit more skillful at several things more than when you wake up this morning.

Recently one thing that really made me feel the amazing potential of being in touch to the right people. a comment from the ADSactly named ADStoshi.

He warned that a coin called Canadian ecoin just had a huge dip and advise us to buy it couse it was about to pull back.

when I read this message, it was already there for about 5 hours, but I decide to have a look on it. I end up realizing that this Canadian ecoin appears to be a recent altcoin, that still being very cheap, at the time that I looked it was about 0.002 $ (about 70 satoshis).

I don't have much money to invest, in fact, I could say that all the saving money that I have today is on steemit. Not because I have taken All my savings and stored on it, but because disregarding the little help my mother gaves me to transport and eating at the university, for which I'm extremely grateful, steemit is my only source of income and I don't use to get it out, couse I am saving up to being able to reach my studying abroad dream.

So, due to the low price of that coin I decided that might be a good try if I manage to put some of the liquid money of steemit on it. It took a long time for me to find and send those 30$ to the exchange which works with this coin but when I finally manage to get my 30 there the Canadian coin price as already risen up to 100 satoshis, so I just bought it.

At the current price I was able to but about 7500 Canadian ecoins, and my thoughts were very simple. well if something really bad happens to this coin i might lose 30$ on the other hand, if like in the following year or two it rises for 1$ I would have turned those 30$ into almost half of all the money I need to start my life dream of studying in Japan. so I think it is a worth bet.

Later when I was checking the Canadian ecoin charts, I realize this happening:

At the time ADStoshi has warned us about canadian ecoin it has just duped from 148 to 16 satoshis, If I have read earlier and was faster about finding the right exchange I could have bought about 4 times or even more of coins.

Today this coin price is back to 148 satoshis.

Summarizing, I was only able to reach the information about this coin existence and its huge dump and pump for allowing myself to be in touch with an amazing group of skillful people such as ADSaclty. I believe this might be a good path to follow.

Since one of my blog intentions here is to share with you things I learn and I find interesting or useful in my life, I'm intending to make more posts like this.

I think is easier trying to make ourselves exposed to next situations like this, than try to travel back in time

Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemit brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures !


Versão em português desse post:

Como ficar mais exposto a boas oportunidades

WOW! That is amazing Andy! Where is this exactly! I need help with my crypto investing! I hope you made a huge profit :)

they have a steemit profile, a discord channel and many other group and in other social media, but I'm still focusing on this two so far.

you can just get in there and start talking to people, they are all nice and helpful i think it is a very good learning place.
if you have any trouble or need help to access or anything you can contact me at seemit chat, I've already sent you a message in there, and I'll do me best to help you ♥ ^^/

Your publications are really beautiful I've checked most of them and found them amazing you're really worth it all thanks for sharing I hope to be like you in the future I work with all my efforts and perfection of God

Thank you so much for all your good feedback and kindness, I'll do my best to keep improving the quality of my posts !
I'm quite sure you can as good as or even better than any other Steemian here, It will only depends on your efforts to keep up, and never give up. You can surely reach whatever is your goals ! =D

Interesting. Thanks!

thank you for your feedback !=)

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This is wonderful. How can I join this group. The secret lies in investing in nano coins cryptocurrencies. I have been looking for such

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You have been defended!


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I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that, I'll do my best to keep improving my posts ! ^^