Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for February 7, 2018

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The downward wedge turned out to be a little longer than expected: a little more than $6,500 from the support line, the price fell by as much as$700. This forces to shift both bars just below, but the overall picture does not break: the price also actively rushed to the upward correction. On a new day, bitcoin entered under the sign of a falling star, respectively, to the expected slip down remained a few hours.

If you consider these adjustments, you can wait for the uptrend to complete and return to the global bearish. Buckets moved as much as $4,800. And though in the next couple of days did not see the merit in not a strong position, and unwavering faith in the future. The most probable movement at 07.02.18 is a rebound from the resistance line at $8,000 (+-200) and a smooth slide downwards. According to the global trend of mid-week, the price needs to meet at $6 800 (+-200). Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the actions of major players who have subtly subsided. But even their likely moves in this situation are unlikely to change the situation much on the weekly chart