Crypto Bloodbath everywhere? Not in the Troniverse!

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You are sick of yet another crypto bloodbath? What annoys you even more is, that your favorite altcoin is still solely dependent on old BTC, that is slowly dying and dragging every other coin in the grave with it?

Welcome to my world, before I discovered the Troniverse!

You see, Tron is a growing crypto ecosystem that isn't dependent on what is going on in the rest of the market. In my previous article I wrote about some of the possibilities you got on the TRON blockchain.
Well, that was 2 weeks ago. Old story. Since then there are many more....

Meet the TRON DEX

Most of you will be aware, that DEXs exist, but may never have used them before. The issue is, that most people still trade on the big centralized exchanges out there, simply because of their favorite crypto coin being traded there in large volumes and there are not many alternatives.
As I said above, it doesn't matter on which exchange you trade, the pairs are always with BTC or USDT.
So you will always stay dependent on these 2 currencies and what they are doing.
The biggest problem here is market manipulation by whales. Happens all the time.
The only chance you got is to leave this universe at all.


The Tron DEX is up and running since last week and it's working like a charm. All coins on the Tron blockchain are traded against TRX as the base currency.
So it doesn't matter, what bloodbath is going on in the BTC universe, in the Troniverse are other rules at play.
Right now IGG is mooning, as you can see on the chart. IGG is the token used by Intergalactic Gaming - a new eSports portal. They will do a 1:1 airdrop in 10 days, so people are buying like crazy.
It's a legit project in the growing eSports industry - only one of many exciting new projects on the TRON blockchain.
So you could buy TRX now as it is very cheap, invest it in IGG on the DEX and potentially tripling your investment in 10 days, whatever goes on in the rest of the old markets. Just saying... this is no financial advice - although I know people who have exactly done that 😉

Dividends by TronBet ANTE

In my last article I wrote, that I also play occasionally on TronBet.
This has changed over the past 2 weeks. I don't play occasionally there anymore, but regularly 😁

The reason for that is, that I don't play there to win money by luck. I'm not lucky and I have never won anything in my life - simply doesn't work for me.
Instead, I mine ANTE there. WHAT? Mining ANTE? What is ANTE?, you ask
Simply put, for every TRX you play there, you get the ANTE token and this is like having shares in an online casino. Everytime the house wins, you win. Simple and genius.
ANTE will pay out dividends every day starting next week. Until now it was paying out once the pot hit 10M TRX. Over the past 2 weeks I already got about 15k dividends for 25k I invested. So in a few days, I will break even and from then on, it's just profits for me.
It's mining at its best and a very calculable risk. Again I'm no financial advisor, or should I say "gaming advisor". Just check it out yourself!

...and there is more

I could go on for hours, and tell you about other projects on the TRON blockchain I invested in and airdrops I got. I'm only interested in legit airdrops by serious projects, so I don't go with the masses wherever someone shouts "Airdrop!!". Most of them are useless, but there are gems if you look out for them and read their whitepapers and DYOR.
If you are interested in what are called SMTs here on STEEM, you will see, that they are already a reality in the Troniverse. This is where I am heading now again...

To my loyal readers: My next article will be a spiritual one again! I promise! 😉
Although everything is spiritual - and everything is just an illusionary game. Never forget this.

Game on and I see you in the Troniverse!

Love and Blessings,


P.S: Here is an up to date overview of some of TRONs achievements over the past days:


Well, it's possible you'll lead me to buy back into trx, despite my fatigue with all the "exaggeration" that comes out of the CEO.

I just wrote yesterday about the importance of decoupling from BTC if the crypto market is to be saved.

I think trx is at a great time to get back into it :) Long Live DEX's!

Yeah, as I said, I'm also not a big fan of that much exaggeration, but there is always something behind Justin's claims. Also we have to consider, that even Tron has a very "loud" marketing, still people are not aware of the many possibilities. It also has to get easier to buy Tron. Although they are adding new options every day, it's still a struggle. I buy into Crypto via the Austrian Bitpanda service, but they don't have TRX yet. So I need to buy another coin, transfer it to Binance, exchange it for BTC or USDT and then buy TRX.
I manage to do that in 10-15 minutes now, but for most people, this is way too complicated. I also don't buy BTC directly at Bitpanda from fiat, because the fees are so high and it takes ages to send BTC - it's unusable for me and doesn't even fulfill it's very basic function! So I buy LTC instead and send it to Binance.

is it normal that my voting tp hasnt come back so i can vota again after 24 hours?! I got an EGG token! Do i have to wait now until game launch or can I hatch it somehow?! are you not on discord @atmosblack?

The voting rounds are actually 6 hours, but it doesn't make much sense to rotate your voting. TP is frozen for 3 days minimum and you got the frozen TRX as TP. Just need to cast your votes once and then it will autovote - for let's say Sesameseed. So it's basically set and forget and get your daily SEED reward. You can do lots more with SEED btw. On DEX you can sell it for 5 TRX per SEED, but it's better to hold, because every SEED you hold also autovotes for Sesameseed - at the moment each SEED you hold is another 3 votes for them. This ratio has been at 6 votes per seed just 2 weeks ago and will go up, as soon as the new projects go live at Seedgerminator.
Then you can also invest SEED in projects and every SEED then counts like 4 TRX. It's easy once you get it... 😃
Congrats to your EGG! You have to wait until the game is out somewhere in December - you then can hatch it through feeding it with tokens in 1-2 weeks and then earn TRX daily. There are special tokens to feed your EGG - have a look at the pinned message in the TG room of
I like the MarshMeloToken ( because the have also a profit sharing program for every token holder.
But you can essentially feed any token then to your monster, but it may poison it - especially if you feed it with scam tokens I guess. 😃
I'm not on discord @movingman - but I basically live in Telegram 😎

Oh I didnt realise that its 'set and forget'.. How do i change who im voting for then, I must wait tge 3days ?

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No, you can change your votes anytime while your TRX is frozen. Just change the number next to the SR and you are good to go... 😄

So how would i reset who im voting for? I didnt realise its like set and forget lol

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So how would i reset who im voting for? I didnt realise its like set and forget lol

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@movingman Sorry mate, I just saw that you commented 2 weeks ago on my other TRON article and asked for help with the TRON blockchain games etc - you can add me on Telegram @atmosblack there - maybe I can help you better there. Thanks!

Im on it already staked and voting daily!
I want a telegram thats not linked to ohone numbers haha do you use email? I use telegram but anon haha

[email protected]

Would be great to chat to you about it, the games mainly.. Sad the tamagotchi game has not started yet for late commers 😂

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Awesome! Are you voting for Sesameseed? Because 1 SEED is currently 5 TRX and you will get more rewards this way.
No worries, you haven't missed anything yet with Eggies. They will launch by the end of the year. An EGG token (= monsters are hatched out of an EGG) officially costs 2000 TRX, but you get it sometimes cheaper in a dark street corner like in the different Telegram trading rooms - just get sure to buy EGG all in capital letters, since there are also fake tokens like egg or eGG etc by scammers. If you want to get 100% sure you are getting the real one, you better buy directly in the official TG channel

Haha sweet ill get a special 2000trx to buy an egg! Fuck yeh!
I rotate the voting but yeh interestin to know about seed! Im nearly back home and will be getting on it.. Got a visitor whos getting intros to crypto ☺

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Aaaw just realised its a new tron post! Will check it later 😎

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