Chaincoin - The Math Explained + Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Report 11th July 2017

As "The ChainCoin Experiment' gathers wider exposure, we explore the math behind this crypto phenomena.

The cypto-economy has taken a hit with Bitcoin, Litecoin, & Ethereum all retracting in the past 24 hours. Antshares looks to be good buying after significant losses.

Gold Coast Surf - 1Ft E swell with a 5Knt SW breeze.

Stay stoked Frothers,



chaincoin buy and HODL for life!

Yewww! I agree. Followed for enthusiasm. Thank you Skunkflower....... best name ever btw. lol

Just set up my first master node today! 19 more master nodes to go!! Chaincoin for life! HODL

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