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RE: Why "I like blockchains, but not cryptocurrency" is ignorant.

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In today's society, being called ignorant has become of a very negative connotation. Personally, I prefer the term uninformed or unknowledgeable. While we can explain and most folks will get what we mean, the problem I believe is when there are those who are unknowledgeable but believe that they are. I know that I am ignorant to a lot of things crypto and blockchain and the info doesn't seem to compute in my brain. And that's ok. I'm one of those who needs the "Blockchain for Dummies" manual. The little I do know, I try to understand better. And if while explaining someone loses me, then that's ok too. But when people are closed to learning or understanding the little they know or how little they know, they'll get defensive and think they know better. This is where misinformation comes in and confuses people like me 😁

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Maybe can help a little.

Ooh! I'll check it out. Thanks 😀

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