New Crypto Coin Is Soaring!

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New Coin Moving And Shaking!


Hello Steemians! Haven't dropped a post in about a week so time to put the keyboard to work! I wanna introduce you to a new coin that is really doing what the roadmap that the developers laid out!

Let me explain the details. The coin Ecoin is built on the EOS blockchain.

The plan: get 1 billion holders to push #MassAdoption!

How do they think this will happen? By the 5x5 method. If a person joins and invites just 5 people to receive a free 1,000 coins that are currently worth about $.01 USD each, and those 5 friends invited 5 we now have 25 people holding coins and those 5 invite just 5 we now have 125 and so forth. It is easy to see how fast it can grow!

And in fact it has, they had a soft target of 75,000 by day 5, it is day 6 (2/19/2020) of the #airdrop and there are more than 110,000 people holding Ecoin!


When Will The Value Be Realized?

The plan is to have a billion users by September, if the community grows at the current rate it will be sooner than that! I joined the very first day of the airdrop and have already seen the value increase!


  • Free to join get 1,000 coins until we hit 1 million users then drops to 500
  • Built on the EOS blockchain lightning fast transactions and low fees
  • Measures in place to ensure there cannot be coin dumps to help stabilize the price volatility
  • Stake your coins and earn 12% interest on them!
  • uses the Wombat Wallet that has a dApp explorer built in really cool wallet plus it's multi token.
  • Building their own ecosystem and have already partnered with 100's of retailers that are currently accepting Ecoin for products and services!

photo courtesy of Unsplash

They Are Very Connected To The Community

They have social media accounts on all of the major platforms and are engaged with the people answering questions and explaining new developments. This is really rare in my experience with #airdrops and ICOs. You can find them on these social media sites ...

  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
    Go ahead and get your share of free Ecoin
    There are no hoops to jump through, just enter a valid email, your name, password, click join, verify your email via the link they send to you and that's it! Once your email is verified sign in to your account and immediately you'll have your coins sitting in your account. That simple! Other #airdrops I have taken part in you had to sign up, follow them on every social media site, enter and connect all my social media accounts, then wait for several weeks sometimes over a month in some cases to get the coins.

Ecoin is completely different in that regard! Inatant airdrop, quick and easy sign up, and massive potential!

I love hearing your thoughts and opinions, please comment below. If you have suggestions for legitimate #airdrops I would love to hear them. I have had great success with #airdrops, I always do my research on the coins, and the teams behind them as well as their plans moving forward. This project is going to have a great impact on so many people's lives. I think that's what I like best about it.
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Until next post have a great day and I will talk soon!


Hey Howie,
This Ecoin smells like shitcoin to me. I am not too enthusiastic about all this new coins popping up here and there now.
How on Earth is 1000 units of the coin worth $0.01????
Right now, with all that's going on around steem which I had invested my time and money into, I have no appetite for any of this new shitcoins.
But for your sake, I might just give it a try and see where it leads me to.

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LOL every coin other than Bitcoin is technically considered "shitcoin". That being said I do a ton of research into a coin, the team, the roadmap, the white paper. This is built on the $EOS blockchain, it hasn't had an official ICO therefore it doesn't have a ton of money. And the reason why 1000 coins are just a few dollars. What they have done is partnered with several hundred retailers that are accepting it for payment, and they have more in the works!

They have mechanisms in place that stops people from being able to dump tons of coins on an exchange to help regulate price volatility this is a PoS( Proof of Stake) coin that will pay 11% interest. It will operate on the Wombat Wallet and has a lot of potential. It is an immediate airdrop meaning most airdrops you have to jump through a bunch of hoops, follow on social media like this and subscribe to that, you know the routine, then you have to wait several weeks in some cases months before you get the airdrop. Ecoin is different in that you sign up with a valid email, verify your email account and BOOM coins in your wallet! The developers are very engaged with the community on Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and Twitter they have answered all questions proposed to them (at least the last time I was on the thread a few days ago)

Alright then,
I am taking your word for it. I truly value your opinion and the fact that you have taken the time to do a good research into this project.
Ecoins, here I come🙌🙌🙌.
Cheers 👍

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Nice! It just takes a valid email, hold your coins and who knows they could be worth a fortune some day. They have already made agreements with many retailers and have more in the works. It is also amazing to see how fast this coin really is spreading! In less than 10 days they are close to 150,000 new members!

At this rate it only speeds up! More people get it and if each person brings just 5 and they 5 and they 5 the numbers pile up! I have been there since day 1. I was number 3,000 and when I joined the little ticker on the home page rolled over once every few minutes now if you watch it is rolling like 10 at a time!

Another fact to remember we didn't pay anything for it, the more coins we can pile into our portfolios the better the odds start to stack in our favor that one of them will become worth something! Imagine if we could have gotten an ETH or LTC airdrop. Got the same amount 1,000 ETH or LTC airdropped into a wallet, at today's price we would be sitting on $260,000 worth of ETH and $72,000 worth of LTC! Not paying for them but would have had to wait until now,could take years. That being said I don't just go sign up for every single airdrop I can find, like I explained a little earlier I certainly research before I get involved with a coin. Because sometimes these projects are dead in the water!

I only brought this post up because I really liked the project and the idea of what they are trying to do, get crypto into the hands of more people thus bringing on mass adoption by making it simple to get and easy to use without the wild price swings that may scare someone that isn't familiar with crypto away and scar them from ever wanting to get involved with it.

Anything I write about is just things that I find interesting or worthy of recommending that others check it out! Not trying to sway anyone one way or the other just laying the facts as I know and understand them so the reader can make a semi educated decision on whether or not they want to investigate it any further!😀

But as always @linksman I love your thoughtful comments and the fact you always take the time to write back to me! Have a great day and I will talk with ya soon.