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The BitF community is rapidly growing and we have started increasing our social footprint to meet the demands of our users. Community members let us know they wanted to collaborate and discuss BitF on their preferred social platforms. We are happy to announce the addition of an official BitF subreddit and telegram chat room joining our existing discord room and twitter account. Of course you can also follow us here on Steemit as well.

More Ways to Follow and More Ways to Engage

Twitter: @BitfDev








Wallets: Windows | Linux | Mac OSX

Email: [email protected]

Come and Join the BitF Community on Your Favorite Platform!

How to buy BitF on Crex24


This is just modern era of technology whice make you up-to-date all of the facility

Gotta love BITF!!!! Come on guys! Look at the total supply. This coin already went from $0.001 to $0.13 in 48 hours. Its down a bit from its all time high but this is one that will explode when the market re-surges. Get your coins now before you are sorry! Its trading on Crex24. #BITF #BUY #MOON #LAMBO

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we are with you..
keep growing..

Thanks for sharing the links! Really liking the look of bitf.

Thanks for your special message.
How do i am join BitF community.

muy bien....

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i am der with BITF on discord , great team , good working with you

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super interesting about the bift community I did not have much knowledge about this I hope to continue receiving information thanks friends

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That is super great. I think this is just posotive for everyone!

Thanks for giving me such a beatiful knowledge

Wow! This is really nice, am joining soon.

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keep rocking....

Bagus ini bisenambah pengalam baru.

This is beautiful an update...
Thank you

Looks interesting, thanks for the info!.

what is BitF Community? for what purpose?