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My earliest parent memory of this phenomenon was "Cabbage Patch" dolls...I remember my wife's fervor and determination to get one for our daughter for Christmas...since that time names like "Pokeman...Nintendo...Beani Babies...Furby...Hatchimals"...come to mind...however...its still summer...therefore these things weren't even on my radar.

So needless to say I was a bit taken back when my wife told me that "for date night"...we were heading to a store at a mall to pick up some monkey toy she had called and had set aside for a grandchild's Christmas gift....I asked her "what is this all about"? That's when I was introduced to the world of 'Fingerlings"....

Its a $15.99 monkey toy that makes funny sounds when touched or looked at...can hold onto one's finger...and comes in a multiple of wife learned about them from a mother's website she is part of that seems to talk about everything but the children clothes they are supposed to be selling...needless to say...even though its only August...these things were already sold out on many websites...already being hocked on EBAY...

Even crazier...out of all the colors...a few were already becoming "rare"...of course that's the color my wife had set fact...come to find out...she had already picked up a few others...including having a few friends go to stores near them to buy them for her since these particular ones can't be gotten online....

Even better...turns out my wife decided she wanted to match my success with crypto currency and actually had 20 boxes hidden upstairs containing these creatures...

Well...not wanting to discourage a solid business venture...I encouraged her to stay on it and add to the as of today...we are the proud owners of 50 Fingerlings...of course the hope is...they go bananas ...become scarce and we unload for a nice little profit...

And if it doesn't go as planned....if the powers to be decide they will actually manufacturer enough to meet the demand or its a phenomenon that doesn't catch on...we will give them away to local charities looking for toy donations at Christmas time...

Meanwhile...I will go back to my coins..."What's that honey? They came out with a unicorn one that already sold out?"....Yikes...better sell some crypto....


i have one question for you guys.what is more important for you money or time. think about it

I don't t have the time to think...need to make some money!

good one

Hahahahaha this exactly describes the situation !

Glad you enjoyed.

those who work don't have time to make money :P

I've heard that theory...investing could be one's hobby...we all have some time for a hobby...



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Sounds like a really cool lottery concept

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Awesome I will keep checking out all your posts

LOL This is a great story! I remember Tickle Me Elmo when my daughter was little and I worked at a now defunct "discount department store" in Norf#[email protected], VA. Had to be at work at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving so the customers could run each other over to try to get one of the (maybe) 10 we had in stock!
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 CRAZY!

Too funny and sad in a way how crazy it gets.

unfortunately many times we are at the mercy of brands that sell X product that is mass consumption, we will have to wait a long time for that to stop happening, thank you very much for sharing your point of view and your experiences. regards

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Consider it done...

Wow, sure enough there are a ton of those Fingerlings on ebay!

Well, is a bet, we dont have anything sure, but is better to try and lose, but getting action, than be out of the hole play.

Saludos to you as well.

Ah, it's a beautiful, cute post. It's sad that you had to burn your steem to make it visible....

Thats the way it works...


I was on that Beanie Babies grind as a kid and remember going to nearly every McDonald's in the county when they sold them with Happy Meals. I'm also currently on that Tsum Tsum grind!

Good story thanks.