3 Types of Digital Assets

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I break down the Digital Asset market into 3 different asset classes;

  • Money (btc, bch, ltc, xmr, dash, etc.)
  • Blockchain enabled Platforms (eth, neo, ada, eos, bts, etc.)
  • Blockchain based businesses (veri, ppt, stm, wtc, etc.)

In the reports I'll be issuing I break all of the digital assets I analyze down into one of these three categories. From there we can determine how it stacks up against it's competitors, what sort of profit potential or potential value it could have, and in the case of operational companies we can determine how much the coin is worth based on actual income it's generating.

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Good job! Do you think the coins you mentioned will appreciate faster than bitcoin?

I think both ltc and bch gain in value faster than btc over the next year, they may never over take it though.

From what I see eth, bts, neo, and the like have a better shot at outgrowing btc. If they absorb any significant portion of the financial sector then they will skyrocket in actual value.

If steemit really nails the video market while getting into a lot of the blogging/internet comment hubs it could be as big as bitcoin is now... although I also think btc grows much larger in that scenario. This is a whole layer that's getting applied to the world wide economy, plenty of room for surprises too.

I may try and get some ethereum. It seems like a pretty safe and promising bet. It sucks though that the banks don't want you to buy crypto so it is very tough to buy. :(

Coinbase charges some pretty steep fees, but they are the easiest $ to Crypto source I've found so far. Rumor has it there will be many different options coming online over the next few months so that will be exciting.

ETH is definitely one of the standards for good digital currency.

I recently heard ethereum is bogged down. I guess you can't use a credit card to buy on coinbase anymore. :(

What's the saying for new ideas being recognized in old systems?

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win?

Crypto adoption is following that same trajectory. The misinformation and FUD rumors are the only way the establishment gatekeepers can fight the cryptocurrency movement. 2018 is the year we'll start winning...

Yeah this is VERY early in the crypto game. It's amazing how far crypto has already come despite being partially "illegal". In a few years I expect we will be a lot more free to buy and sell it but I could be wrong.

Which is the best class in you?

Not sure there is a best, each is used for different reasons. In the old legacy financial system I'd want some cash, a bit of savings that was earning interest, and some in more speculative investments like stocks that had a better chance at big returns or producing long term dividends.

Translating that to the cryptocurrency version of the financial world, I'd want some of the major currencies like BTC, BCH, LTC, then I'd want to hold some PoS coins that were earning the equivalent of interest as my savings replacement, and then last we'd have some of the coins that represented a business business interest.

Fair enough. I'm going to try. Thank you very much.

Start off with amounts you're comfortable with, there will be a lot of volatility and these 50%+ drops are going to be regular occurrence. Gotta be sure you account for their possibility as you're putting money in.

I'll be releasing the full Crypto-Bridge report over the next 10 days or so on steemit, hopefully it gives people a better idea of what sort of options are available and how they can build a resilient portfolio.

Okey, I follow you. Thank you.

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