BPR Crypto-Bridge Exchange Series Report - Introduction

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The world of peer to peer finance and economical models is just beginning. The ability for people on opposite sides of the planet, with no common language, to operate within a trustless system and exchange a common form money for their intellectual or economic production is now possible.

This new economic freedom means the early innovators, investors, and adopters of this technology need to shift their mindset to properly function within the new systems being created. No longer are we reliant on stuffy suits in the Federal Reserve determining how fast our money is inflated and hence, devalued. No longer are we those same stuffy suits able to dictate what interest rate our savings will earn, if any. This is just the beginning of what will change.

With this new economic freedom we are required to become responsible for our own decisions. There are many new forms of Money available for us to use, how will we choose which type of money(ies) are best for our particular situation? There are thousands of new businesses utilizing the block chain to structure their means of production as well as distributing ownership. How do we know which of these new block chain based companies will succeed? How do we figure out which we want to support?


The purpose of creating these Exchange specific reports and derivative evaluations is to help those interested in becoming early investors of the block chain economy understand their available options. I search through the publicly available resources to create a convenient source of Information detailing the basics of each token listed on the subject Exchange.

This 1st step of Research is meant describe these coins in very basic ways. What does the coin do? Is it meant to be a form of Money? Is it meant to be a way of distributing a companies earnings autonomously? Is it meant to serve some other function?

The block chain world will be absorbing a substantial portion of the current world wide Economy. It is a more efficient means of communicating and exchanging value. It is a more efficient and effective way of protecting your critical personal information in an age where data theft is rampant. Most importantly, it is a more efficient means of establishing trust and confidence in any digital transaction or agreement, even extremely complex ones.

These reports can be used to quickly identify which coins on the exchange may be of interest to you. The Roster Summary is enough to help you find the selection of Money Coins focused on Privacy, or to help you find the coins which create their own unique Block Chain ecosystem.

The 1-Page Summary of each coin will give you further details and information regarding how this coin compares to the field and how it intends to create value. Most importantly, the 1-Page Summary will point you towards further reliable information sources you should use to complete your own research into whether or not the project is worth your investment or speculation.

Additional research, such as White Paper Reviews, 3 Star Reviews, and Valuation Studies are meant to dive even deeper into select coins and the projects backing them.


These reports are in no way meant to be Investment advise or recommendations. I create these reports to help identify and organize the coins listed on an exchange. From the data compiled and presented here, the real research can begin.

An aspect of the Digital Economy which is paradoxical to old school investors is how these seemingly obscure pieces of immutable digital information are valued. This is a result of the new found freedom this economic model provides. The value in anything can only be determined by the people using or interacting with it.

Gold is one of hundreds of naturally occurring elements we have access to on the planet, it is only so valued by us Humans because it is a rare metal that is easy to coin into rounds or bars which we can use as a means of exchange. Dollars are pieces of paper created and distributed at the whim of a very small and secretive group of people. They only have value because .gov dictates they should have value within the borders of our Country. They also have value because those same select and secretive groups of people use the nation's military to force other people into accepting it, but that is a story for another time.

Bitcoin and other forms of digital, decentralized money have value because there are enough people who apply that value to them. There are many different qualities digital money can have, some are focused on privacy, some are focused on being useful for micro-transactions, some are meant to be a store of value, etc. Before you decide which is right for you, you need to figure out what you want your money to do. This is a completely new mindset from anything we have experienced before.

In order for you to do this, you'll need to visit the coin websites and see what sort of information is available. Some pertinent questions to seek answers to;

Is there a community and user base built around the coin and how functional is that community? This is where value comes from.
Is there active development and technology upgrades occurring which will add to the coins value over time?
How much momentum does the coin have in gaining adoption and a wider user base?
How is the coin being distributed?
How much of the total supply has already been distributed?
How easy is it to use the coin in ways you'll find valuable? Do the currencies have debit cards or smart phone wallets? Will it be an active investment, or passive?

These are all questions you'll need to research yourself, after all, value is in the eyes of the beholder. What may be valuable to someone else may not interest me in the slightest. Things like DOGE Coin, which I have no interest in may have vibrant and productive communities built around them which give the coin it's value. Things that advertise having cutting edge technology may have no user base or community adopting them, which means the coins itself is worthless even if it has superior technical ability.


Every person is different, they have different motivations and expectations for the future. They have different experiences throughout their history which color their view of the world we share in different ways than my own is colored. This is one of the beautiful parts of being Human, although it can lead to conflict and confusion if we forget it in the heat of a moment or situation.

These reports are meant to offer the user a menu of available digital assets within a particular exchange. This menu only offers some very basic information, but it's enough to figure out which items may be of interest for your particular appetite.

Have some idea of what different types of Digital Assets are available, meaning you should have some thoughts about what you're hungry for before you start shopping. Use this information to narrow down your options to the coins that are suitable for your needs and desires. From there, go to the coins website to gather further information to use in your assessment. I strongly suggest everyone does this prior to making any investment or speculation.

Become familiar with the coin, what it does, where it's going, and how it will gain in value over time before placing any of your hard won wealth into it's ecosystem. I can only offer you the menu, you have to decide which items are best for your own personal appetite.


I have uploaded a video to viuly showing a short tutorial describing how to use the report and what it will look like in the link below. If D.Tube is behaving I'll get the video up there as well.


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