Catching Crypto's with Nets and Harpoons

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Today I will take you through the process of how I select a coin to study and invest in. All three of the exchanges I provide research on, BCO / COSS / KCS, were discovered in this way, and all of the Project Spotlight Reports I have lined up were discovered in some variation of this manner. I'll get to the Nets & Harpoons at the end of this piece, but first...

For me to take interest in a coin, something needs to cause the coin to catch my eye. This is a very broad opening I leave room for because I see many new coins or projects on a near daily basis. I leave room for new projects to come to my attention but I don't dig deep into any unless I've had my interest peaked.

Today's reason comes from a couple video's I've watched recently. The first is an interview between Jsnip4 on youtube and a Remote Viewer. Remote Viewing is a mental technique that allows a person to move their perceptive consciousness off the physical reality we live in. This technique allows people to get glimpses of past, present, or future occurrences. Military Intelligence spent significant resources developing this technique and using it according to several unclassified projects. I've never attempted this, but I can understand the mechanics of consciousness well enough to know it's a valid concept.



This interview specifies a coin with 'DNA' figuring prominently into it's name. Low and behold, the coin with the ticker DNA is already out and available. A quick look tells me the coin is involved with identity and personal data storage and security. Something I can easily see the value in, but have no real personal interest in. This coin I leave be for now, I have more pressing information to go through.

The second interview is also from Jsnip4 and is of America's Top Psychic who claims to be very new to the world of Digital Assets. She claims to have a very clear connection with Spirit and writes in her blog about how she is recommending her audience consider several specific digital assets because those coins are set to become very valuable. And specifically, these coins are supposed to become valuable because the provide very important services for our society as we move into the future.



I have been looking at digital assets of all sorts for over a year now. I've spent significant time prior to 2017 wrapping my head around the concept of bitcoin, the blockchain, and what we can potentially do with a tool as powerful as incorruptible and decentralized money and communications. To be blunt, I can't comprehend the limits to what is now possible. I understand with the logical mind how and why the blockchain brings this potential. I understand it's human effort and will that is needed to bring about this world changing potential. Most importantly, I feel down to my very soul that doing my part to bring about this change and to realize this potential is an honorable thing to do.

The world is not a very pleasant place right now, it is clear the ruling establishment has failed in almost every aspect of their responsibilities and it is clear the populations of these countries cannot rely on those same failed governments to fix themselves.

The blockchain is an idea so pure that it can operate inside of the existing system without violating a corrupt legal system. It is a means of revolution without initiating violence or breaking any law. If you are going to follow any of my research you should understand this is how I see the world. The projects I see as providing a useful service or product as we move into the future are using the attributes made possible by the blockchain to solve some of the big picture problems with our economy and social order.

So with all of this in mind, I get back to how I select coins to study and potentially invest in. Michelle Whitedove states she is listing the coin Theta as her top digital asset recommendation. That is will go into the $1,000+ price range eventually and be one of the best performing projects. This nugget of information is enough for me to go to CMC and take 30 seconds of my time to glance at it.

In that 30 seconds I see the coin is set to disrupt youtube and digital media using the blockchain in some very interesting ways. I also see it has 1 Billion coin supply, which means it would end up having a market cap of $1 Trillion with a price like MW predicts in her blog. It would take the digital asset economy out performing my most bullish projections for this to be possible. But, I have consistently underestimated how fast the blockchain economy will grow and I see the business model of Theta may mean it's much bigger than just a youtube replacement. Bigger than just a digital media platform.

Theta could represent one of the first plug and play applications the common non-crypto initiated person gets access to. Their first way of earning a digital currency or assets that they can understand and properly value. That would bring about a huge wave of users into the digital asset economy and something that important very well could be that valuable. So I don't dismiss the claim or price prediction, but I also don't run out and purchase the coin.

I do, however, plan on keeping an eye on the coin and would be eager to move my content onto it's blockchain as soon as it's ready. And it does get added to the line for my Project Spotlight Research as I feel it's potential value is in line with the other tokens I have selected.

As the third portion of my informational update, I'd like to focus on the latest video I've created. This talks more about my Exchange Series Reports and puts into better context how I'm using them for my own Investment strategy.



Tokens like BCO, COSS, & KCS represent large nets I'm using to accumulate a very diverse subgroup of digital assets. There are well over 100 different coins I'm gathering exposure too through these investment vehicles and this is something I've intentionally done. I expect new coins to be added to these three exchanges on a regular basis. I also expect to hold these coins for many years through all of the highs and lows of the volatile markets. These coins are like automated mutual funds that will grow in value in step with the overall digital asset markets. Rather than put 100% reliance on my harpoons to catch those whales, I also used those huge nets to try and catch a load of salmon or tuna.

Speaking of my harpoons, if the three exchanges I usually stress are the large nets I'm setting, then the coins I feature in my Project Spotlight Reports would represent my harpoons. Bigger risk of failure, but also more focus in my research and a much greater reward for my investments if my aim is on point.

For access to the portfolio trackers I mention or to view the Crypto-Bridge report, please visit my website and have a look around...


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