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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

At the end of the day, he is a billionaire protecting his own interests.


He's my shithead of the month, and a protected white-collar criminal!

Haha I never said he was not a shithead!

I fully understand your comment and agree with your conclusions. I just thought I'd add a little background in case some people don't understand the criminal activity he's been involved in while in charge of JP Morgan Chase. But I'm sure some here are already well aware of his background.

let us know- who

Jup, just some trashy demon summoned from the pits of hell.

Lying, deceiving little monster.

Great article, see below for great article on why Jamie Dimon is the true fraud

Me thinks Jamie Dimon be suffering from "Scrunt" which is a slow seepage of Shit to the Brain.

Which is fair, But still No love for him or the system they work with

may be or not

Soon we will be billionaires protecting our interests which will be Cryptocurrency infrastructure (which protects itself lol)

Desperation is a stinky cologne, Jamie.

hey btc...???

They needed to report their income, bitcoin will not work for them.

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