Global CryptoReg Roundup #001

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Introducing the first edition of the Global CryptoReg Roundup, a weekly digest of crypto-related political, regulatory, and legal news from across the globe.

No frills or needless exposition, "just the facts, ma'am"...



South Korea

Hong Kong

  • The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong issued warnings to seven exchanges not to trade cryptocurrencies that are legally securities, leading some exchanges to cease offering tokens to investors.








  • Ghana issues its first official digital currency: Finchcoin.


European Union






United States

  • Regulatory heads from the SEC & CFTC testified before Senate Banking committee. For a detailed breakdown of the hearing, check out this Steemit Deep Dive from yours truly.



Thoughts, comments, and corrections are always appreciated. Cheers!

|| @bubbleboy ||

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Nice roundup @bubbleboy. Do you speculate in cryptos yourself?

Thanks! Yes, I dabble a little, mostly in the big ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin. And Steem of course!

Thx for the reply. I asked as I'm looking to tie in with some traders here on steemit.

I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on Ghana. I wonder when blockchain technology will be used to keep property ownership records; I heard that's a major problem in African countries. And isn't funny that the globalist keep decrying how bad cryptos are; I think someone is scared of losing control.

Absolutely. I expect the international central bankers to be the biggest FUD-spreaders week in and out because, as you stated, crypto is the biggest threat to their influence over the financial world order.

One of the best reports I've come across, thank you @bubbleboy!

Nice coverage on the round up @bubbleboy

Thanks for collecting all the news together. I didn't even realize how much crypto news I read about and came out this week.

Great round up!

Wow, very informative! Glad i found this.. following u to see more ;)

Thanks! New one drops today.

Well i will be stopping over to read and upvote it 😉
Makes my life so much easier! So thanks again..

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Nice news round up.

You got a 4.31% upvote from @adriatik courtesy of @bubbleboy!

At a point I wondered if there will be any good crypto news.