Global CryptoReg Roundup #002

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The Global CryptoReg Roundup is a weekly digest of crypto-focused political, regulatory, and legal news from across the globe.

No frills or needless exposition. Just the facts (ma'am)....



South Korea




Saudi Arabia




South Africa


European Union



  • Switzerland’s Finma announces regulatory guidelines for ICOs breaking them into three classes of offerings: payment tokens, utility tokens and asset tokens, the latter to be regulated as a security.


United Kingdom



United States



Thoughts, comments, and corrections are always appreciated. Cheers!

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thank you for this...great to have cryptos regulatory realities all clear and in one place.

great work compiling all of these. :3

Interesting selection of posts by country, thank you)

Soooo awesome! I love that u do these.. I think u should do these every week if u have time.. i know they are a lot of work but they will surely catch on and become very very popular in the future if u keep doing it because they have real Value. great work! I will be looking forward to ur next one. 😉
i only wish my full upvote was worth more!

Thank you, sir! Plan to keep churning them out on a weekly basis.

Spain is trying to achieve the standarts of regulatory in crypto for the whole world. Most def they will massively fail like they did taxing sun's energy in one of the sunniest places on earth. Good post.

Yeah their target seemed a little “ambitious” to me.

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Thank you for this collection! x

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Thanks for this important update. @bubbleboy.

Awesome post! Thank you for compiling all this information!