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RE: Did You Know You're Part of a Financial War?

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

What a great post @lukestokes

I hadn't viewed it as a war before, but you're right. It's a bit scary to think we might be in a financial war with the wealthiest organisations on the planet.

I see it more as a mass disruption of the established order or maybe even a revolution, not a war. I think some of the bankers will break ranks at some point because you can't hold back a technology breakthrough as big as this.


I imagine they will use the technology to strengthen themselves instead of breaking rank, but we will see.

They can do that and try to slow it down or delay the inevitable....but the inevitable is that the profit margin they are taking from being central to our financial system is going to disappear. They actually wont be able to compete with smart contracts from a profit margin perspective.

That sure sounds good to me. :)