Arise CHICKUN !! - explained

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Hi everybody,

If you are interesting in cryptocurrencies, you have maybe noticed, time to time, some old shaggy geeks shouting over the chat "Arise CHICKUN !!!" when Litecoin is going strong.

Even on steem it you can find articles explaining that litecoin is going to moon.
Mostly you'll find it in the troll-box.

In 2013, Btc-e (now it's was the first platform that includes a troll-box,
at this time it's contribute to make the exchange attractive.

There was a lot and lot of messages (30-50 per second) and spam as well. And with a lot of spontaneity and fun
people were going crazy and shouting "Arise CHICKUN !!" expecting LTC going to the moon.
And sometimes, not often, it does ! Doubling the price in just a couple of minutes !

This expression is coming from this "ugly" cartoon

That was the good old time ;-)

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