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RE: Wealth Redistribution via Cryptocurrencies

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

I came across this excellent article in my feed today. Reviewing, I found that I had "discovered" you a couple of weeks ago and followed you. Reading this fine article today is one of my rewards for having found you.

What many or perhaps most people have yet to understand is that true wealth is vested in one primary place, namely the human soul. It isn't in any particular currency. This means that the wealth will most definitely migrate in the direction of the most reliable currencies. There is not much that anyone can do about it, other than attempting to go along for the ride.

I find your logic and analysis in this article quite compelling, and very clearly described. I've re-steemed it for the benefit of my own followers who may not have found you yet.

I appreciate your work and hope that by following and reading your articles, I'll be better able to navigate the massive reality shift in progress. Thanks for a great article.




I'm happy you stumbled across me several weeks ago. You must have seen one of my very first posts here.
Thank you for the compliment, and I hope I can continue producing thought-provoking content for you and the many other Steemians here now and coming in the future.

@moneyinfant Appreciates you too @creatr!