Rivetz ICO Starts in 30 mins (July 25th, 2017) EDIT: ICO postponed to August 10th, 2017.

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EDIT: ICO postponed to August 10, 2017. Please read the Rivetz blog for more information.

The Rivetz ICO is officially starting in 30 mins! The first 7 million tokens sold will include 20% bonus tokens and the ICO will last 30 days (or less if it sells out quick). If you missed the details of this ICO, I would recommend reading my article Rivetz: Building the Future of Hardware based Mobile Cyber Security on a Blockchain. ICO Review and reading their white paper to catch up on their project. The technology is revolutionary and they already have a working product.

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My attraction to Rivetz is due to the level of experience of the development team and the fact that they have been working on this project for years. Their CEO and founder Steven Sprague has over 14 years of experience in the field of cyber security and has already created a similar security suite for desktop computers. Not only that, but their previous work with the Trusted Execution Environment has helped create world standards for cyber security and those protocols are widely used today by most of us without even knowing it.

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The Rivetz development team does not hide their identities and stands behind their work. This speaks volumes to their legitimacy as a company and as a new and upcoming crypto.

Unlike so many coins out there that are selling tokens with nothing but hopes and dreams, Rivetz has a working product and a history of making this technology actually work. How many ICO have we all seen lately that offer nothing but wish lists for the apps they will one day develop?

With a dedicated development team and the funding they are hoping to raise with this ICO, Rivetz has an amazing start and will dominate security innovations in the cryptoverse. If you want to know more about the team and project, again, I recommend reading my previous article (Rivetz: Building the Future of Hardware based Mobile Cyber Security on a Blockchain. ICO Review) and reading their white paper for yourself.

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