Cryptassist Exchange Licentie

Cryptassist zal een eigen exchange met volledige licentie ontwikkelen om gebruikers een ongeëvenaarde handelservaring te bieden. De uitwisseling zal het meest ultieme en gebruiksvriendelijke platform bieden voor zowel gevestigde als beginnende handelaren.

De beurs is niet exclusief voor handel in CTA, het is een volledige cryptovaluta-exchange en functioneert vergelijkbaar met elke andere cryptovaluta-exchange.


Er wordt een korting van 50% op handelskosten geboden wanneer deze worden betaald met CTA. Eenmaal ingelogd op de Cryptassist-app hebben gebruikers automatisch toegang tot het handelsplatform en kunnen ze snel CTA en andere digitale valuta met elkaar uitwisselen met behulp van een grote verscheidenheid aan handelsparen.

De beurs gebruikt beide limietorders, waardoor een handelaar digitale valuta kan kopen tegen een prijs die lager is dan de huidige prijs, of kan verkopen tegen een hogere prijs dan de huidige prijs op de wissel- en marktorders, wat betekent dat de koper de huidige marktverkoopprijs accepteert op de beurs.

Exchange-functies omvatten:
• 50% korting wanneer handelskosten worden betaald met CTA
• Real-time trading van digitale assets en live blockchain-integraties
• Veerkrachtige architectuur dat handel non stop ondersteunt
• Continue integratie van valuta's om aan de marktvraag te voldoen
• Maakt fiat- of crypto-stortingen en opnames mogelijk
• Automatisch gegenereerde wallet-adressen beveiligd door Google 2FA en andere geavanceerde beveiligingsinnovaties
• Real-time balansupdates
• Order-, handels- en offertebeheer
• Snelle KYC en klantenondersteuning
• Gebruiksvriendelijke interface

Ga voor meer informatie over de Cryptassist Exchange of het Cryptassist-platform naar onze website of download onze whitepaper op


another awesome feature of @cryptassist

Cryptocurrency has become more difficult for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are novice or expert. To help solve many problems CriptAssist is here to help you in your daily tasks. CryptAssist has many elements for meeting the requirements of each different user.

Very strong and innovative team. Don't miss out amazing project!

Very promising project

A lot of advantages! By the way, congratulations on achieving soft cap!

Very interesting post!Nice!

Innovative project, Concept and the team is doing great effort. Cryptassist is the future!

One of the main problems in the cryptosphere is that over time, cryptocurrency has become more and more difficult for novices and even experts to understand and is not yet widely useable as a currency on a daily basis.
Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

The development team is really great. It is clear that people are interested in development and think about the future of their project

I am from Malaysia, I hope this exchange will accept MYR fiat deposit. As of now, there is no crypto exchange that accepts MYR apart from OTC.

Don't miss out! Be a part of the project by joining the ICO or bounty program. Visit the website for more information.

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Cryptassist presenteert een ongewoon en moeilijk idee. Gehoopt wordt dat dit met de steun van investeerders zal lukken. Persoonlijk geloof ik in het succes van het project, dus ik ben bij je!

Magnificent group and inventive venture. I am very certain, it is one anticipate to look forward.

Gathering of designers extremely awesome. It is clear, that individuals are keen on advancement and think about the eventual fate of their venture

Cryptassist mission - to supply everyone w/ access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of essential tools, w/ everything from trading & news alerts, OTC exchange & even a debit card. No platform exists w/ so many easy to use crypto-related features.

I think exchange on the Cryptassist Platform will be big demand because of easy to use interface and 50% discount on commissions if they paid in CTA.

Good Info For Exchange licentie

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This platform is multi-functional and easy to use.

The Cryptassist debit card is a unique opportunity for users. With a premium design and all the convenient features users expect of debit card.
#CryptAssist #CTA Innovative project, Concept and the team is doing great effort. Cryptassist is the future!

The number of the exchanges already has a limit. We hope that your exchange won't be a baby's dummy

This is a great initiative and strongly supported by the community you can boldly invest! project of the future. I love your vision!

Het Cryptassist-platform biedt uitstekende ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden en we hebben nu een geweldige kans om lid te worden van dit prachtige platform.

Een zeer opmerkelijk project, het team zal in de nabije toekomst het project naar een nieuw niveau kunnen tillen. Hoop het project te zien slagen! Veel geluk voor het hele team!

I love the concept of this project , totally amazing and very unique. It's really attractive and interesting , happy to support this kind of project

Great group and imaginative undertaking. I am very certain, it is one anticipate to look forward.

It is a major activity and unequivocally bolstered by network which you can securely contribute! undertaking without bounds.

I congratulate you on the achievement of the Soft Cap !!! I believe in your project and I believe that you need to invest in you. Your topic is very relevant and promising for today!

It is a major activity and firmly upheld by network which you can securely contribute. task without bounds.

Great team and innovative project. I'm pretty sure this is the one project to look forward to.

Cryptassist platform easy to use even for the beginner. No need to be an expert.

Fantastic group and inventive venture. I am very certain, it is one anticipate to look forward

Dit is zo een allesomvattend en compleet project waar ik erg enthousiast over ben. Zij hebben zelfs al het minimale budget beschikbaar om hun plannen uit te voeren wat potentiële investeerders veel vertrouwen zal geven om zich hierbij te voegen.

this ico company doing good work. this coin will be famous in market.

Global project

Give back - with Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation. This will allow donors to view with complete transparency how their money is spent – all in real time. Fantastic idea!

The team are awesome and the idea is life changing.

I believe this project will make waves in the cryptocurrency world.
Wonderful ICO, strong team, great idea!

The trade in digital assets that are presented with cryptassist with a lightweight and mobile friendly interface using Google+ 2FA will certainly be better and safer, will be of interest to users of crypto. On the other hand the user will get update information. Goodjob

That's great news. Cryptassist will be a great advantage for us.

It is amazing that you are interacting with a lot of people from all over the world. Great work Cryptassist team!

Awesome!! CryptAssist use the first and the most advance technology for this project

this poryek will get a lot of support and I'm sure it is, because this project gives many advantages to its users

One feature that sets Cryptassist’s Arbitrage Alerts System apart from the rest, is that users can set personal trade volumes that they wish to trade with and the algorithm behind the Cryptassist arbitrage alerts system takes into account the depth of the markets and the needs of the user to create alerts completely customizable to each individual’s trading parameters. This ensures that users only get the relevant alerts and is armed with the information to potentially increase their profits.

we need a trustable exchange

To have a private exchange is another envy of Cryptassist. With the help of debit cards, the exchange will pass even faster.

We will soon see the outcome and the project of CryptAssist! great article by the way.

no wonder why most of users look for this project, it has many useful features

Zeker jullie zijn geweldig en hard werkend om dit project werkelijkheid te laten worden. een technologisch project gebaseerd op blockchain met grote dromen, het is goed.

If any how cryptassist will get the license it is the best news for the community and the future. It will get the spot in the crypto world.
It might be the best vision for the future.
#CTA #CryptAssist

" • Maakt fiat- of crypto-stortingen en opnames mogelijk " It is very good!!!

I am motivated to be part of this ICO and spend my energy to promote its benefits to all. Great ICO.

Cryptassist solves the problem of complexity by supplying all of the necessary resources in one easy to access location.

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

I believe that the Cryptassist team will create convenient and intuitively clear application.

Gathering of designers extremely awesome. It is clear, that individuals are keen on advancement and think about the eventual fate of their venture

Nice team and cool whitepaper! i see here a greate opportunity!! i believe this project will succesfull..!!! goodjob team!! Good luck with all that has been planned, teamwork will bring this project grow big and successful

This project works with the offline world, it can become a project that will become easy to use for ordinary people.

The licensed exchange on the Cryptassist platform is good news! Especially if you do not only buy and sell, but also exchange your crypto assets!

I will be glad to download your application and use it constantly.

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