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wow, nice Grafik!! resteemed

Very interesting graphic! As more countries endorse and more people learn programming it may really take off

Thats very nicely represented and informative too @crypto-p

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Great infographic!

I'm buying ETH since USD 14 and still buying.


There is roon for a practical smart contracts platform. If Ethereum can work past the current bottlenecks, who knows where it will be in 2018.

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Love how simple, graphic and "idiot proof" this post was in comparison to others that you just don't get. Keep them coming!

Thanks for posting this. Very informative and easy to digest.

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wishing you best of luck toscani40, and thanks for sharing your story. If you put your mind to it and keep posting and building followers here, you can do it! I've seen others - my account is just starting out also.
Remember to enjoy it here, take pride in what you create, and focus on building followers and steem power before thinking about the money - keep going and learn the platform, you will make something of it.