Why Bitcoin Cash Is More Likely To Succeed Than You've Been Told

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Check out "Why Bitcoin Cash Is More Likely To Succeed Than You've Been Told" by Craig Mason:


Uh...how do these guys not know why Ethereum fork? Not knowing the history makes it hard to believe they are knowledgeable. The fork was due to the DAO hack that resulted in a $55 million loss.

let see it after 1st of this august
bitcoin been worldwide hits lately from indian artist to flying ticket based on ethereum
i think the HARD FORK event still stalled bitcoin movement

I think it will raise to 5000 USD. Bitcoin Cash is good step.

And what do you think BTC will be worth? Will they shadow each other?

I will buy more BTC before Aug1 just for this. No one knows the future but btc x 2 is still twice as many bits!!

This is a great grandfather I admire your business

very good information, and easilly verified. thank you

Great content as always. BCC is backed by bitmain so this will be a real possibility to get the upperhand!

I love the background. It makes me want to go fishing. Are they really outside?

I think it's very hard to say at this stage. It's obvious that a lot of people would be happy if Bitcoin Cash never existed and they're trying their best to squash it; they might succeed. On the other hand the markets, and the masses, very often do the opposite of what's expected! Either way it's going to be an interesting ride.

My main question is how many forks can BTC survive?

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