Longest Bitcoin Correction Since 2013 - 2015?

With Bitcoin down 70% from it's December 2017 high of $19,783, we're deep into a crypto market winter. Let's take a look at a chart shared by Charlie Bilello, regarding the major Bitcoin corrections from 2010 to 2018, and how we can analyze the past to get an understanding of future occurrences.

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Charlie Bilello's tweet and chart on the major Bitcoin corrections:

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I still think that we are going lower in the BTC price. I wouldn't be surprised to see BTC go down to $3,000 or $2,750 - I wrote an article about it a couple of weeks ago:
Just wanted to share it with you. Have a good one!
(I'm not trying to promote my post - it has already paid out.)

@cryptobobby Thank you for providing this historical analysis about bitcoin. Its future looks quite promising amid this bearish phase.
Do you think the way Tron is growing (keeping in view of mainnet, accepted on pornhub etc.), we will get to see it approaching to $1 by Q1, 2019 or earlier?


By reading the stat bitcoin value in dec 2017 u reminded me those days when I used challange my frnds that by nxt year bitcoin must going to touch the 35,000USD mark but today its value is to low. Thanks @cryptobobby to remind me those days 😀😀

@cryptobobby what you think that when the bullish run is start? When the profit is earn by All ALT coins. Why the market is going in blood zone.

Interesting to see how in a long term chart the previous decreases are not even visible given the price increase. Imagine where the price could be if this one is not visible 2-3 years down the road!

You can definitely see the trend and that it's becoming less drastic (even though there's a huge swing). I believe it'll be 1-3 years, then it will become less volatile.

Do you think Bitcoin will touch its all time high in 2018?

Can it go much lower?

I enjoyed watching your post ....

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