STORM Token and STORM Play app Review

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STORM token recently completed their ICO on December 7th, 2017. So what is the STORM token used for? It's earned through the STORM Play app available for Android and soon coming to iOS. The app already has 1,000,000 downloads in the Google Play Store and has over 300,000 monthly active users. StormX, the creators of the app and the STORM token call it a gamefied platform for micro-tasks that enables anyone to earn from anywhere using any device. I downloaded the app several months ago to find out what it's all about and it's basically an app where you are rewarded with STORM tokens for doing micro tasks such viewing an ad or trying a new game or signing up for Uber. The app has been great and I have many withdraws of STORM tokens to my ETH account without a problem. The token itself is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum platform. It trades on HitBTC, Coinrail, Bancor, Radar Relay, and EtherDelta. The coin debuted on HitBTC at about .01 cent and has risen to about .14 cents at the time of this writing. With the release of the iOS app soon and also the strong possibility of being listed on Bittrex due to the fact that Bill Shihara, the CEO of Bittrex is an advisor to the company and an early angel investor of the company should support increasing token prices in the near term.

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Well written as I also have been using the app for a while now.👍🏻

Thank you, I'm not much of a writer but I really like the app and the token.

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