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As of 2 weeks ago, the Propertree team have pioneered to kick-start our cryptocurrency fuelled platform. The business plan has been finalised and the next steps are gathering funding and hiring staff. Here's a brief overview of the project:

Propertree incorporates the crowd-funding of property flips and rentals with ERC20 token named the SEED token. Terms and percentages of investment will be agreed on each deal individually. As the token raises in value so does the return on the flipped property. Investors can also part fund a rental property to receive percentages of monthly rent. Trusted and verified flippers/landlords get token incentives dependant upon the success of their recent flips. Tokens can also be used for a section of the website to hire a renovation team by renovators or landlords for competitive prices in their desired location. Property management teams will also be able to list their services for a certain amount of tokens, again as the price fluctuates, so do profits of the management team/contractors. Prices can be constantly altered by the contractors or managers up until the point that they secure the deal.
The tokenisation element adds an extra risk to reward factor to the investment enticing real estate investors. Also is the allowance for shares in the flipping or ownership of multiple properties. Even if a flipper makes a loss, the increased value of the token could save their loss, allowing them to break even or even make profit.

I hope that this short summary effectively encompasses the projects aims. Lastly, something that I require from the steemit community is to put me into contact with developers obtaining a relevant skill-set.

Furthermore, if you would like to donate to the devlopment of the project, the Propertree ethereum address is as follows: 0xc348bfe7b904914e44d5e94514faff20acebe33f

Any investor investing at this stage will receive tokens to the value of their investment multiplied by 5. To put this into perspective, the total supply of tokens will be 60,000,000 and the pre-ICO will begin at the price of 60 cents for 1 token.

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to analyse the Propertree project. Please resteem and upvote to help sow the seeds of our project!


Yaah ..thats a good point indeed ....on the other hand , using blockchain technology on the real estate sector make some reliable point for the investors...

thanks for the input :)

I can see where this idea has merit, but as an investor with real estate experience myself, the project would have to prove its concept viable and working prior to my considering it a potential investment.

Too many people leap into real estate investing with little clue what they are doing, and I can also see where this could lead to substantial losses for the unwary or underinformed.

Absolutely, and thank you for your input. These are some challenges that Propertree will face and we will develop methods to attempt to overcome these :)

I should note that I'm a big believer in blockchain technology, from the standpoint of standardizing real estate contract settlements and the elimination of the current prolonged wait times and huge fees.

My primary concern here was the emphasis on flipping, with its inherent risks, and the large numbers of newbies coming into the market thinking that they'll get rich overnight because they've seen it on TV; and not with more run-of-the-mill real estate transactions.

You might want to consider the latter as well, because whomever gets this business perfected on the blockchain first, stands to gain hugely.

Good luck with your project. I'm interested to see how it progresses.

Nice place..... Where is it located?

I believe in north america. It is just an image we are using whilst we finish development of our logo :)

We are actually planning to build a couple of offgrid (but nicely appointed) tiny homes, similar to that pictured, on our property over looking the river, and possibly one or two more remote cabins in the woods. We also have a couple of basic camping sites for tent campers.

Our plan is to use an AirBNB type service to rent them out, and thus help us pay the expenses for our farm and the animals.

So who knows . . . perhaps this could be an additional adjunct to your business, to allow you to tap into the huge market for privately owned short term rentals and camping sites.

Yeah you right... I believe also it kinda cool

this could go somewhere nice (: very interesting and profitiable idea. i will definitely keep an eye out.

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