To everyone who is constantly speaking about price and lambo... Now be humble (and ST*U)

I have to admit that this bear market is welcomed

Don't get me wrong, I lost money too. The price itself is only useful when you are going to spend your cryptocurrencies. I mean until you spend it, it only has hypothetical value. Just HODL for HODL is so dumb anyway. It doesn't drive adoption or improve the tech or ecosystem.

So the bear market is very welcome. It is not normal that people in this space cannot look rationally around them and see the flaws around here. Critics like Roubini mix a lot of things together but there is a lot of truth in what they say.

I hope to see less bullshit around for some time now.

So kendrick tell them:


Crypto is amazing isn't it? I am definitely welcoming the lower prices too.

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