New Cryptocurrency NeetCoin

I will introduce Japanese Cryptocurrency NeetCoin.
NeatCoin is the Cryptocurrency just born in December last year, it is an interesting Cryptocurrency for the purpose of supporting NEET.
I think that there are many people who have a negative image as NEET, but I think that if some people who want to be NEET, others are people who have become NEET because of circumstances.
And some of the NEET are a master of an art. Neet may have enormous economic effects.
Although I also have my own interpretation, please see the official web page for details.

Official web page :

NeetCoin is Pow and PoS coin. It can be mined by yourself, but you can increase it just by having possession.
Unfortunately, we currently get NeetCoin only mining, but it seems that they aiming to list in the first quarter of 2018.
Join the community and excite the NeetCoin.


Looks like a positive use case for using cryptocurrency in a social support project. I have all my efforts focused on Gridcoin at the moment, for similar reasons. Looks like a project that will gather support over time, so I think I will be turning a few machines over to this project too.

This project seems to be started by NEETs themselves for fellow NEETs and has a sense of naivety to it. The language used on their site is a bit childish too or maybe it's just because the devs are not fluent in English. They even address this in FAQ to assure that they're serious. Even though I'm a bit skeptical about the project, I still hope for the success of the project so it can possibly raise awareness about the rising problem and not only help people who are NEETs by their own choice, but also people who can't work because of physical and mental disabilities.