SLATE ICO review

What is SLATE?

SLATE is a protocol for an entertainment utility based on encryption and a cryptographically secure multi-layer network. The  decentralized system will provide inexpensive high-speed video of high  definition worldwide and will provide the opportunity to sell tickets in  real time on the block-chain.

Consumers will be able to spend SLATE-Crypto-Currency (SLX) on some of the best entertainment that the world can offer. Using SLATE provides fair and transparent compensation between creators, manufacturers and distributors. Creators receive compensation fairly, and consumers get better entertainment. Tickets purchased with the help of SLATE will be protected from counterfeits, effectively eliminating fraud. Service providers owning SLX can earn even more by saving and delivering content.


  • SLATE - SLX protocol 
  • BINGE streaming block camera video on demand - BVOD 
  • Application for using SLATIX tokens


Binge  introduces BVOD ™ (Blockchain Video on Demand), the first premium  decentralized flow platform for the use of distributed book power. For  the Binge streaming media platform, blockchain technology simplifies  streaming content and transparent behavioral analytics that demonstrate  consumer tastes. The transparency model of Binge is the entertainment industry in the first place. Binge  will provide real-time revenue sharing between content providers and  creators, as well as provide access to valuable network data and  analysis, which will improve the development of content.

The  goal of Binge is to be a decentralized streaming media provider based  on the subscription of high-quality source video content. Binge  intends to be the first scalable commercial platform that uses  distributed registration technology to provide power to Blockchain Video  on Demand (BVOD). Holders of slides must use only the platform. Binge  is being developed to ensure full transparency and fair compensation  for content creators, including the use of payments in real time, which  ultimately leads to improved content for consumers; there are no restrictions for geographic users; significant reduction in piracy; and significantly reduce the subscription and pay-per-view fees.


Slatix  is ​​a decentralized entertainment solution for ticket sales that will  be designed to reduce fees for end users, prevent fraudulent  peer-to-peer sales and become a trusted channel for paying for Slate for  movies, concerts, sports events and any tickets that are required for  recording. Because  blockchain technology monitors, exchanges, stores and verifies  information, tickets purchased from Slatix can not be faked. Blockchain technology provides a secure platform for

To accept digital slate markers as payment for tickets, membership and goods. Unlike  today's ticket platforms, tickets that will be issued in the Blockchain  Slatix solution are unchangeable, do not lend themselves to forgery and  are instantly transferred. Slatix will make purchases, transfer and redemption of tickets without problems.

Slate (SLX) Token Pre-Sale

SLX is the protocol of the encryption utility that manages the ecosystem of Slate Entertainment. The network network SLATE is a public register for SLX and the Slate Entertainment Services engine. The initial sale of SLX will benefit the development of the SLATE network and the Slate Entertainment ecosystem. Initial sales also distributes SLX to SLATE network members as service providers, consumers, or both.

Initial sale distributes 48% of the total number of SLX network moments. The sale is structured in such a way that previous buyers receive fair bonuses. Get a discount of up to forty-five percent (45%) based on a pre-sale price of twenty cents ($ 0.20). The bonus before the sale starts at 5% for the first ten days, then decreases by 1% every ten days. The  proposed sale of tokens opens at twenty-seven cents ($ 0.27) and is  increased by two cents ($ 0.02) every four days to a peak of thirty-five  cents ($ 0.35).

Road map

The project team

The  Slate team consists of talented business, creative and technical  experts with experience in various aspects of entertainment and  technology. SEG  staff, directors, consultants and agents bring a lot of experience in  the development of scalable enterprises from concept to  commercialization; development and implementation of blockchain technology; sales of tokens; and the production, acquisition and distribution of art films, serials and documentaries all over the world.

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