When crypto will moon

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Crypto literally hasn't even mooned. It has gone through increasingly large speculative pumps, but the barriers to entry are still way too high for it to have mooned properly yet.

Think about what the end user needs, in terms of ease of access, for them to really get involved. Consider something like a complete multi coin wallet where you can hold any crypto, and you access it by either scanning your fingerprint on your phone, or scanning your face on your webcam, or saying a phrase (basically a verbal captcha). All of this biometric ID technology is basically here already. The easier it is to ID someone and link them to a wallet, the lower the barriers to entry are and the harder scamming becomes. Crypto veterans will complain about handing over their entire self for ID purposes, but normies don't give a fuck about that shit and you know they don't.

When crypto really moons the average user will need almost zero knowledge of private keys, blockchains, smart contracts etc. All they will see is a bunch of really user friendly, very nice UI apps, that let them do shit they've never been able to do before. Like pool their money together with other people to offer loans to third parties, or take out insurance for their community alone, or take out insurance that automatically pays out if a seismic event happens within x miles of their house. And those are just the early examples. Just like with the internet, it's too early to actually see what the killer apps will be at this point.

We are all early adopters because we dig through a mire of user unfriendly bullshit to speculate on a young market that doesn't even have 5 broadly adopted, working products that actually interface with the outside world. 99% of current working products just streamline something within the crypto ecosystem. This is why trustlessly bridging crypto and the real world is the biggest next step in crypto.

inspired by @Holoballa

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