ETHBTC - Just a breakout or the start of flippening?

The start of flippening is starting today

Few days ago I wrote about Ethereum breakout versus Bitcoin. I think this has the potential be the trade of the year.

I'm a big Ethereum believer. Wile I don't underestimate Bitcoin as the most famous concurrency and the fist one. Bitcoin is losing my interest, I used to be the cryptocurrency that will revolutionize finance, and now has only one use case, store of value. If bitcoin loses that property too, it will be worthless. The reason why I invested on cryptocurrencies is because it will be easy to transfer wealth between people and borders. Bitcoin with 50$ fees per transfer is simply a ripoff. No way bitcoin will be used as money if there will be no solution to ripoff fees.

On the other hand, Ethereum has many use cases and a great team. I never saw a team before where changing the world is more important than coin price.

Anyways the bet was worth it, giving me a nice profit so far. This is just the beginning, I believe it has more room to grow, reaching all time highs.


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Thank you very much

The fees just to take it out of a wallet & put it in binance are ridiculous.

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Its a great informational post. Sometimes it increase and decrease. Thanks for share.

really as you say, I should learn first