ETHBTC trade of the year update

ETHBTC shorter waves count

The most important chart in crypto is Ethereum/Bitcoin. I believe that 2018 will be the year of the flippening, where the faster and most useful blockchain will take its rightful place. At the moment Ethereum processes more transactions than all other cryptocurrencies combined (including bitcoins) and more than 90% of applications are being built on top of Ethereum. It takes time for fundamentals to have an effect into price, but I'm sure it will.

As posted before, ETHBTC corrected in a classic three ABC waves. Break of the resistance trendline was so impulsive signalling for another 5 waves up. Current wave count (i)(ii) to (v) will be wave 1, after that we should see a three wave correction, then another impulsive wave up.

Target is 100% extension at 0.1657, yet to be seen if it is wave 3 or wave 5. If that is the wave 3 then wave 5 target should be 0.1986.

Anyone looking to add to longs, level 0.059 is a good entry.

Please read my previous post.

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I have to flip that chart so it’s accurate


a massive dump before pump , i think futures trading is also a reason behind it !

Very informative