Ethereum is getting ready to be the King

Ethereum/Bitcoin analysis

ETHBTC trade might be the trade of the year. After the anticipated breakout ethereum is poised to break higher, possibly making another alltime high. Last time ethereum was 90% market cap of bitcoin. Next high it's possible the flippening will happen.

Technical's aside, the rally is supported by fundamentals too. Ethereum blockchain has the fasted development and they are ahead of schedule, with introduction of POS and Casper, price will skyrocket.

Chart based on EW analysis. Target 0.1658

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Ethereum noticeable increases in price!!

Increasing Ethereum price. awesome.

I am a firm believer that Ethereum will increase to a market cap larger than Bitcoin's, it only makes sense to me.

Ethereum is more useful than bitcoin. Lets wait and see.

Ethereum is the Bitcoin of 2018!

This is the hopes I had for Eos. I originally had 50-50 Eth and Eos. But an old buy order I had forgotten triggered and I bought Eos at 0.011 to Eth. Grr! Now its at 0.007. But I just can't trade some Eos back to Eth now. I believe in Eos anyhow more than Eth. It just hasn't quite come true. So far Eos is trading sideways.

I own both EOS and ETH, I was lucky I bought both super cheap. EOS has a lot potential groth, if the team deliveres what they promised. Dan Larimer brough Steem and Bitshares, they will bring EOS too, only question is how sucessful it will be.
On the other hand ETH is the real deal, battle tested and great team. 70% of my portfolio is ETH. Don’t plan to start selling before reaching bitcoin market cap.