Litecoin trade: hit 100% profit in two weeks

Litecoin, the best trade of the year so far

I wrote back in January to buy litecoin at $117 and $85.5. Price managed to hit the only first entry and not the second. The fact is that it is impossible to predict the bottom, so no complains about that.

I sold 1/2 of my position at 234 which seems to be the third wave of a much larger wave (I). The rest of my position is literally free so I'm planning to keep it for a longer, targeting another all time high.

If looking to add to the position, I would wait for the wave 5th to end then buy on the a-b-c retracement. Usually I buy on wave C=A or 61.8% entrancement. If both of them align, then it is a very good buying opportunity.

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Great post as always. Keep sharing.

@ ctyptouniverse what do you think that this is right time to buy bitcoin ?
can you tell me your preductin about it?
reply me please..,,.

really thank you for sharing with us.we know this valuable information just read your post.keep it up.waiting for your next wonderful post.thank you.go ahead

See I wanted to sell at 234, but I bought at 132. I want to double at least. How far off do you think the next all time is?

Litecoin has been on fire this past week! i can't wait to see what the future brings.

thanks for this post!

How do you predictions next week. whether going up, or going downhill

I already write it, i expexr wave 5 then a small abc correction. After that, price should keep going up.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom on investing, all the best .

Thank you for your kind comment :)