Watching BTCETH trade forming

Trading the flippening

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching Elliott Waves form.

Ethereum had a 5 impulsive waves followed by a 3 wave correction. Correction was deeper than anticipated, which traded below wave two. That offered a great opportunity to buy Ethereum. The last few days of 2017 Ethereum managed to break the downtrend, breakout is so strong it leaves almost no doubt that we will have another 5 impulsive waves to the upside.

Target is 100% fibonacci extension at 0.1658.

It is important to note that the last alltime high, ethereum was around 90% of bitcoin market cap. If we reach out target, that will mean that Ethereum will reach, and possibly exceed Bitcoin market capitalization, claiming the first place on coinmarketcap.

That's a bet I'm willing to take.

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I got eth at .05x, so .1658 would be awesome.

You got a great deal bud. I feel bad about the other person who sold you ETH 😂

Yeah, and I already flipped a little at 0.1. But in the long run I think ETH is going to do well, so I'm going to hang on to most of it.

nice post.👌👌👌👌

Thank you for your helpful information. I will take a look more!

It is very difficult to do Technical Analysis for cryptocurrency world, I think. Are you a professional trader or only a buyer at the dip price?