Which crypto under $1 has the most potential in your opinion to hit above $50?

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In my honest opinion... ECC and Basic Attention Token.(Disclaimer: I hold both)

ECC: the feeling of bitcoin's origin all over again

ECC has a solid team that waits until they have something tangible to release before bringing in the hype. Heck, they even have weekly medium articles and sometimes the lead dev does livestreams of any coding he does for the product so there is definitely some action going on. Out of their products came sapphire and ANS.

Sapphire -- in my opinion is the most beautiful wallet in crypto right now. It gives you all the info you need, and it serves as a hub for the upcoming messaging and file storage features coming up. I can state a plethora of adjectives for this wallet but that won't do it justice. Download it yourself.

ANS is the real game-changer here and what I believe will truly have cryptocurrency at a full mainstream level, like "PDAs to iphone level mainstream". Instead of long private keys that you would usually copy and paste, you'll have that as a contact name just like in your phone. Think about it: "Send 10 ECC to 'john doe'". Done. Your parents, who are scared to try it out are suddenly comfortable and your grandparents won't look at the transaction like it came from another planet and kids can even play around with it.

Just visit their slack or the website and be amazed like I am.

BAT: Best of both worlds

When it comes to BAT, I see it as the answer for users and advertisers alike. I know you want to get paid for interacting with content (that's why you're on steemit in the first place ;) ) This can also be seen as a stopgap to help big content creators on youtube and other places migrate to steemit without fear of lost revenue. All it mainly requires is the brave browser and patience for your extensions from chrome to come. With the big names behind it I highly doubt it will fail.


Thanks for sharing this @cwise009 the ECC's ANS project sounds similar to what Dash hopes to achieve. Make sending and receiving crypto easy for the masses. I'd like to look more into BAT as lots of good things have been said about it.

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