How to Spend Any Cryptocurrency, Anywhere, with Any Payment Card

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The long-standing battle of sorts between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies is about to get to the height. The drive for massive adoption of digital assets, aka cryptocurrencies, is not unconnected to the unrelenting mission of the currencies to attain the global status as one of the globally used currencies. Indeed, cryptocurrencies have made valid points with their decentralized modules of spending money, alongside the low costs, and the facilitation of transactions in real-time.


On the flip side, all might not be well with the quest of cryptocurrencies to be legally recognized and globally adopted as global currencies. One of the factors that kick against them is the primary designation as digital currencies, which made it hard for the coins to gain real-world acceptability. Nevertheless, not all hope is lost because XCARD has created a medium for spending cryptocurrencies in different forms, such as instant settlement and payments across multiple channels.


The Instant Payment Platform
Cryptocurrencies are famous for the immediacy of the transactions. However, when it integrates fiat currencies, things would get better. That is the reason behind the multiple architectures of XCARD, where the digital assets (cryptocurrencies) can be used alongside other currencies.

XCARD doubles as a cryptocurrency wallet app that allows the users to connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. Worthy of note is that XCARD is part of the broader Mobilum ecosystem that comprises a foundation API, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a cryptocurrency exchange. The trio and many other tools on the platform are designed to make it easier for the users to buy cryptocurrencies easily and trade on the same without hassles.


The XCARD Biometric Credit Card
It’s a fact that fiat or physical currencies are spendable in many ways, such as using credit and debit cards or using the bank or any other financial institution. That has the hurdle cryptocurrencies are struggling to scale – there are no credit/debit cards or any form of physical forms of spending the currencies.

But, when using XCARD, the story is different. The users would need to download the dedicated XCARD mobile application that also doubles as the cryptocurrency wallet app. They would sign up for an account to get the XCARD virtual/biometric credit card. XCARD is already considering the issuance of the coin under the auspices of VISA, which has one of the largest networks for global payments.

Once the card is issued to the users, the latter would connect the card to their favorite cryptocurrencies for onward spending. Already, many virtual cards of such are used in making payments across the globe. So, the formulation of the XCARD (virtual) and biometric credit card is for the holders to link their cryptocurrencies to it, and use the funds therein to trade and make purchases across multiple platforms.


Spend Cryptocurrencies Anywhere with the XCARD Credit Card
There may not be a better time to facilitate the drive for massive adoptions of cryptocurrencies in the real world than now. With the virtual credit card offered by XCARD, the cryptocurrency users would now be able to make payments globally without hassles.
So, the next time you’re looking for a way to spend any cryptocurrency, no matter the location, you can be sure that the XCARD virtual credit card got you covered!

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