Cryptojackers Hijacks Thousands of Websites by Hidden Crypto-Mining Code

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Cryptojacking have become a worldwide menace affecting thousands of vulnerable computers.

Cryptojacking is a process of using other computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies. Mining code or mining scripts are injected into other people’s websites that hijacks your browsers to start mining without your consent.

According to "The Register" (link below) over 2400 websites run by the US and UK government were hijacked and found secretly to have been using browsers to mining cryptocurrency thanks to a compromised plugin called "Browsealoud".

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The real cause behind this activity happens to be an infamous Monero JavaScript Mining code from Coinhive.

Source for more details


thanks friends for the information, i upvote and resteem yes

Thanks for the info @danzy
I told a friend about mining code injecting into other people’s websites he didnt believe me. I will share the link to him to believe. Am i free to share?

Pls share it with everyone so they can be aware of it.

These people are subversive and abusive to all crypto enthusiasts. It’s People like this that cast an ugly shadow on crypto and the blockchain technologies. Those Responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are contrary to the very ideals that Cryptocurrency was founded upon.

That is dangerous.
No matter how much security is provided.
There are always some people who hacks it :/
Nice and informative post man :)

@danzy nice idea
I think you need to permit me to share people about this great idea
Ill be glad because i have many clients that need to know more about this

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