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RE: Apollon (XAP) - Enlightening the world about Masternodes

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thank you for sharing this mate! i have been wanting to do a series of 'road to passive income with crypto' or something similar and this is 100% going to help!

i am a huge fan of crypto and the opertunities :) take an upgoat!


Thanks man!!! Yea I've been thinking about shining a spotlight on POS token as well. I feel they are the way of the future. You don't have to worry about ASIC domination but it does lead to coin hoarding .

it does not have to be POS 100%. there is also popping dividend tokens up now so there is multiple ways of earning a passive income now with crypto :)

Yea a lot are POW/POS. If your going to HODL might as well get some additional rewards!!

I just found another coin called Mano coin, which proposes to provide trustless masternode set up in a one click fashion. Its a new coin and project appears in beta, but not sure, trying to get current information on the project and price on the coin.
And although this service line is already supplied by Gincoin and soon to be supplied by Apollon coin this appears to be a growing niche. There are several trusted shared masternode platforms, but these three appear to be the first trustless platforms and two of them Gincoin and Apollon have cold wallet set-ups, the set-up of this third one's wallet is unclear to me.