Exchange103 Before you exchange check for project type

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This days cryptocurency exchange market is booming and making people millioners. Am one of the prospects on this catagory. So if you want to follow my lead read my blogs on exchanges. My privious are
Never never never exchange coins before you check for the coin project and people behind the coin.
Because their are coins which boom in a day after staying in the market, say for six month and disappear after their boom % increase.
I dont want to mention names of such coins and tokens for legal cases. But belive me hundreds out their are waiting to get lost and get lost with your coin money. So becarefull.

So what to do?

  1. After you decide to exchange. Following the steps on my 101 and 102 blog


  1. Search for coin details.

  2. Look for personalities behind the coin.

  3. Look for their supporting technologies

  4. Look for the token projects they give. For example the excellent project of Graft. Pos tecnology.

  5. Look for how long they stay in the bussiness. Time doeant matter but their time factor to their volume is important.

  6. Which companies are indorsing their projects. Like, american express, Visa, mastercard, or governments backup or any mega company which uses their service.

  7. Which exchanging companies are allowing the coin on their list. Very important. Refere my 102 post.

"Good luck dont forget me when you make millions"


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