when to sale and when to buy coins/tokens

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Stories have been emerging that a lot of people are becoming millioners just in months sometimes even in lesser time. But the otherwise is true, some people are losing money in this similar platforms. So what is the logic behind this.
Someone becomes a millioner over night and some other person losses all his money overnight. But why?
The answer really is quiet simple. If you master on timeing you can make it to the top of the ladder.

So when to sale and when to buy the tokens/coins:

  1. As much as you can look steem blogs on cryptocurency of coin exchanges. They will give you a good insight predictions.

  2. See volume left on the exchange markets.

  3. Use the "riverse logic" when people buy you sale. When majority sale you buy. But make sure you buy the right ones. Like ripple, steem....

  4. Sometimes you get coins to rise very aggresively due to outside positive endorsements. Follow news about the coin you want to buy and get as much as possible at the insital stage and get out when reach at pick. Becouse whatever goes up will go down to certain optimum level price.

  5. Dont fall in love with coins. Instead fall in love with success. But have a reliable base coin where the coin is relatively stable otherwise shows a month to month posetive ratio. My favorite ripple.


Wish you karma luck. Luck always matters in cryptomarket. But is not major one. You will always lose some dollars till you master this phenomenon but dont panic. Learn with quarter of your investment. Then the other half break even then the rest depends on your mastering ability. So keep trying but never push to your limit.

Wish me good luck. And wish you all the best.


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