The shipchain revolution

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World trade among nations is growing in a much faster pace. Different stakeholders are intrested about shipment trades. To mention some the importer, the exporter, banks, governments, shipping companies, transiters, financiers and consumers.

All of them have different motive of intrests. The importer interest might be profit after sales while consumer is getting quality products and government is resourse allocation and foreign exchange utilization along with wellbeing of society. So when some revolution begins on the handling and delivery system of shippings every stakeholder management system and security becomes a bigger consern as wll as reliefs.

Therfore shipchain solution to the eminent and existing problem of cointainor lost, stolen, item teft, missplacment and document mishandling is a big relief for all the economic runing forces of the industry.

On top of that the solution is bringing cryptocoin principle to the market. So who will benefits from dual integration?

  1. Owner and stakeholders of the industry wants a real solution which shipcoin is bringing so they will be definatly be part of the coin transation visavie dual benefits to them

  2. Since the world shipment industry is becoming the biggest industry in the world coin holders and investors will benefit out of this huge industrial transaction.

  3. The company shipcoin will have huge impact on the industry that handling the shipment and managing the coin market will create a bigger benefits to the owners.

Therfore this proposed solution is wellcomed by the industry itself and also by investors who want to be part of this transaction from cryptocoin of shipcoin.

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USA is largely the primary engine of consumption on the planet and most of what goes on with Americans is waste.

Look at Amazon and the rest of many of the needless purchases people in USA make.

For Amazon who claims to be "Rocket Scientists" you might as well have them deliver the goods you pay for directly into the dumpster.

Given the fact they can't bother to ship or pack them properly.

Every order I made with them, over 100%, since they had to reship on many items, was wrong.

nice first picture too :-)

Would like you to read the "is crypto currency a real cruurency or a speculative game" and need your comments on it.

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