Here's Why I Won't Use My Real Name On Voice (And Anywhere Else)

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Voice has started, the new social media application on the EOS blockchain. I’d like to try it, of course, I’d like to see with my own eyes if it’s better or not, different or not than Steem, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

I am the hilarious John Smith

I filled their form and I am waiting for access to the new, the EOS version of Steem, the Steem 2.0, the new hype of the EOS fans. Of course, I put a fake name, as I almost always do, if I can. They still don’t answer me, maybe they realized this “John Smith” is not the John Smith they are waiting for?

Why I don’t want to put my real name? Imagine my boss sees I was sharing a lot of things on Facebook in the last year. That’s why I don’t share anything on Facebook, ultimately, nor on Twitter or LinkedIn. Except for some special cases. And there is my angry ex-girlfriend, and… some other strange people.

I’m minimalist, I’m poor

Imagine my boss can see how much I’m working here on Steemit and how much for him and becomes jealous. Or some people see exactly how much my account is worth. Maybe somebody would think I’m rich and could rob me.

In fact, I’m a dolphin, clearly, I have a lot of Steem compared with other people, minnows. I’m investing but I have no car, I don’t go to restaurants and I have credit on my small flat… In reality, I’m relatively poor.

I’m fearless

I can imagine some night I drink beer with friends and get very fearless. Then, I make some critical comments about some important people, the far-right parties, the far-left parties, or about some dictators. I’m not living in a dictatorship, now. But what if in 5, or 10 years, my country changes? Pushes to far-right, or far-left?

We are living in times never seen before. Changes are very quick, who knows when the time of a Police of Thoughts comes. The blockchain, allegedly, preserves the data, every one of your moves, every comment, every post, every like, forever. I believe it, I think blockchain lasts forever. What has positive and negative sides. I prefer to hide my identity.

I’m (healthily?) paranoid

Am I paranoid? Maybe. But there are countries on Earth where you can still die for your political conviction, your religion or your nationality. Butchers called politicians are running free and able to kill hundreds or thousands of people a month and the international community makes nothing about it. Never say never.

Maybe if most of my friends and colleagues, family members were on Voice I would enter with my real name – but also avoid posting. Being quiet, listening or exchanging phone numbers if I want to communicate with somebody. (That doesn’t mean phone lines are always safe.) I can still share my thoughts on Telegram. Or not?

Until then, let’s see if Voice accepts me as John Smith. If not, maybe as Tom White, and with another e-mail address. Only to look around.

Please, fill my poll about Voice on



TBH I don't like VOICE even if it is not really here....

there will be a lot of John Smiths :D
don't know, i will probably give the name, even bil.prag is not my name if you want, you could find me by my posts. but i do understand every reason why you don't want to do it.

I actually hope this id will serve as a stateless Internet id. Otherwise this Plattform will be useless. I like the Name my Parents gave me and dont want to be called Felix897 or whatever

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My thoughts on the entire identity verification process being imposed upon those wishing to join the new EOSIO VOICE social media platform can be summed up here by our friend Dr. Lector...

Fantastic and extremely funny article @deathcross and yes... it is reasonable to be paranoid given today's political and social climate.

I do admit that I have some EOS in my portfolio, but diversification is my strategy when it comes to investments. I am now, and will forever be, a STEEM stakeholder and STEEM community member.

Have not heard from you in a bit. Probably my fault more than yours. Been very busy with world stuff.

Hope all is well with you. Miss you very much. Give a holler out to @miryam if you are in touch with her as well! Love you both!


Your not death deathcross in RL???
But yeah. Definitely not gonna give them my personal information.

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No, I'm John Smith.

Nice to meet you, John Smith.
My name is John Doe.
There are a lot of legal documents about me in the US.
Read up, if you like :D

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I'll just say that insisting on legal names, and the existence of flags/downvotes really restricts what will be posted/seen on any social network. I refuse to use my real name anywhere online except when absolutely necessary.

What if they come after people that hide their identity....

If everyone goes back to pseudonyms, that won't be a problem. Strength in numbers.

I have nothing at all even my steem power is just enough to make post every day. Thanks to this thing they call JOB or Just Over Broke! I also not use my real name on for a reason.

"Why I don’t want to put my real name? Imagine my boss sees I was sharing a lot of things on Facebook in the last year."

You choose the audience of your facebook posts. My boss sees exactly what posts I want her to. Not sure how someone doesn't know how to use privacy controls in 2019

Facebook has a history of changing their privacy defaults. You have a false sense of security.

My ex-girlfriend found the way to see my posts through the profile of other friend. But yes, you can control your privacy, on short term. On long term, who knows. Facebook is complicated, is changing sometimes, and is hacked or leaking sometimes.
The fact is, most part of my private communications happens in chat windows and e-mails and I'm not the only one.

Good luck then with the biometrics if that does get implimented Johnny boy! Fuck all that, just more data collection on bigger scales 😂 I dont need to express my ego so much to bother. Also do you think I will be using 5G 😂 nope!

All hope is lost already i guess..

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Any description of this biometrics system?

I havent checked it out yet fully, been working too much outside :) It will be using the fingerprint scanner that newer phones already have to unlock the screen lock etc, and possibly using the camera for the eye? I might go find more info on it before I cook some dinner, but I just saw the price of EOS and wow hahahha not too many are happy I dont think lol

I just found that @lauch3d is writing some epic posts on it all, I suggest go check em out!

I signed up for an invite. We'll see. Last social network I gave a chance was Minds, but I really didn't get a great vibe from that -- never was able to find a great community beneath all the cheap meme posts.

voice doesn't impress me at a glance, seems like another cookie cutter social site

This is a great point and you SHOULD have the right to opt in or not. I believe this is the core of GDPR, no?

But my thing is: What if you have multiple hobbies/pursuits, each of them worthy of their own account?

Wouldn’t you still also be restricted by one person=one account?

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Insisting on real names is an anti-pattern.

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