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SocialMedia.Market Platform


Blockchain projects in advertising

In the past year, we have seen increasing growth in utility based blockchain projects especially those in the advertising space. According to a recent report from Astronaut Capital, advertising platforms were ranked #6 in terms of ICO funding in 2018. SMT concluded its ICO in March 2018 raising about 10 MN USD - over 70% of the tokens were sold in Japan

Influencer marketing industry

There is no doubt that digital marketing especially via social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate as people spend a large amount of time on these platforms - average time in social networks has grown by over 24% in the past 5 years. This is where influencer marketing is gaining prominence. The current market is observed to lack transparency and without any regulations and is prone to fraud/scams. Further, there is complexity in selection of influencers and ROI analysis

SMT tokens & Influencer marketing across social networks

SocialMedia.Market is creating an ecosystem for advertising campaigns with social media influencers across various social networks enabled via blockchain technology to simplify integration, provide transparency and decrease costs for participants. All operations within the ecosystem will be executed with the SMT token - holding the tokens will also grant them access to further analytical data, exclusive insights, special advertising formats, content development tools, exclusive advertising contracts, etc in addition to decrease in platform fees for executing campaigns

Competition - Indahash

Indahash is another project that operates in the same industry - however it is focused on building ad campaigns for its clients with instagram influencers only. On the other hand, SMT is opened for various other platforms on every major social network

SocialMedia.Market Roadmap

Q1 2018 - SocialMedia.Market beta is already launched and accessible
Q2 2018 - Release of influencer search engine for Facebook campaigns
Q3 2018 - Dispute resolution system release, verification via blockchain address, interfaces for campaign management, influencer search engine for Twitter, WeChat, SnapChat campaigns. Marketing the platform in US/EU markets targeting influencers and marketing experts and engaging brands and agencies with budgets of over $10 MN
Q4 2018 - SocialMedia.Market alpha launch in Google Play to enable brands to monitor status of tasks and negotiate with influencers in addition to focus on global brand awareness and marketing
Q1 2019 - Apple app store and Google Play app for brands launch; tools to manage campaigns and create smart contracts
Q1 2020 - Data science platform functionality on full scale
2020 and beyond - Further ecosystem expansion

Bulk of the funds raised (~40%) will be spent on platform development and an equal part for marketing and educational compaigns and balance for operational expenses, influencer and agency bonuses and legal fees

SMT Listing on Cobinhood Unknown2.jpg

You can already purchase SMT tokens from Cobinhood exchange from June 8th onwards. Cobinhood has seen huge growth since its launch in 2017 with its zero-trading fees and simple, intuitive user interface offering a high level of security. Be sure to check out the airdrops and do not miss the trading contests to receive free tokens


Happy investing!