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BANKERA IS GOING TO BE GREAT! Pre ICO price started at .01cent, .015cents at the moment., and just like DIMCOIN this Team have years in the industry. Their wallet/exchange hybrid SpectroCoin, which with work along side Bankera, is operating since April, 2014 with more than 300k active users. One of the things that give make me feel safe on this ICO is that they have Lon Wong and Antanas Guoga on as Advisors:

I'm always bullish on NEM, so if I see them supporting an ICO I feel safe. The PRE ICO started on August 28 and will finish September 28. I believe that Bankera will raise more more than DIMCOIN. Participating in PRE ICO will give you a lower price than ICO. If you didn't buy DIMCOIN during PRE ICO, Bankera is worth a look.


Max supply: 25B Total At PRE ICO: 2.5B Total At ICO: 7.5B

Here Are Some Important Links:

Note: we would really appreciate if you use our Ref link as it give us a bonus for telling you about the ICO, and to you for signing up using our Links. Thank you

To participate in the PRE ICO, and ICO, you will need this wallet, SpectroCoin: http://bit.ly/Spectro2017 This is their platform which has been operating since April, 2014 with 300k+ active users. This is one key point on Bankera's future success as their already have a working product with an active user base.

Bankera ICO: http://bit.ly/2wvmBN7 Bankera promised to be the first bank running on the Ethereum's Blockchain. In my opinion this will be big because it will be a bank that doesn't have to answer to the government or federal bank. Every token holder will become a bank, according to their white paper.

Interview to Antanas Guoga, one of Bankera ICO Advisor

Article At BitcoinChaser.com: http://bitcoinchaser.com/bankera-blockchain-banking

Tokens will be sell-able at Spectrocoin platform at the end of the ICO in October. And later on add to other exchanges. Almost forgot to say that just like DIMCOIN Bankera will pay out dividend on a weekly basics. Thank you for reading!

Bankera ICO Whitepaper:


Bankera Official Twitter:


Bankera Chat:



Bankera ICO


excellent post thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Hope it has a great future.

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Awesome ICO what is the minimum to invest in Bankera?

No minimum! Exchanges allow a minimum of $100 cryptos so put it there

are many coins, would not increase its value thus. or do you think so?

Tengo una duda hermano, está pre-ico ofrecerá algún dividendo?, Y si es así con cuántos tokens sería?

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This was a pretty bold initiative as I went through some of these BTC debit card offering company. But I am not that much lucky as you guys are, as we don't have that much good exchanges and companies here in India, who can offer this facility to Crypto Holders here.

Anyways thanks for posting this Info.

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Regards @kaushal1

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Today i receive the first dividends on Bankera, they distributed the first week revenue. The dividend is distributed through ETH tokens. This is very interesting. The ICO is still open: https://bankera.com/?ref=865810814

Thanks for the tip

Vreat your post my friend,, thaks for solution..

Buen artículo , me gustó .saludos

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Excelente inversión equipo vamos con toda!

Hello, I’ll write a little not in a subject. we are Araneobit - money transfer system based on the blockchain. The Commission for money transfer is set independently.
You can invest money

Hi all,
If you are a Bankera investor, you may find useful to join the facebook group and find out more insights on the project