Staking & Masternodes And How To Participate In APR Private Sale! 300 APR Coins Giveaway! 😎💰

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As many of you know I've been focusing on staking and masternodes altcoins because they are a simple way to earn decent money even in bear markets. My first staking coin was Bitcore which I bought for $4USD and staked for a while. I sold all my Bitcore coins at the beginning of this month and was able to profited even thought the markets were down by a lot.

Another staking coins which has earned me massive profits is OPC Coin. My initial investment on OPC Coin was 4BTC and so far I've sold 18BTC worth of it. Many of you have asked me on Discord where do I find this type of coins and how do I know if they are worth investing or not.

In my opinion an altcoin should have these 3 things before I consider investing on it:
1) Real Use Case - Meaning that it does have a purpose/utility in the real world.

2) Community - A project without a large community supporting it won't go too far. We can see this over and over again as mainstream popular ICO raised massive amount of money within minutes thanks to the support of their community supporting & investing into their project.

3) Active Developers & Team Members - Needless to say a project without active Team members updating their community frequently isn't worth investing.

These 3 things are essential because if one is missing, doesn't matter how good the project is, without 1 of those 3 things, crypto projects don't go too far.

How To Participate In APR Private Sale

The price of an APR Masternode during Private Sale is 1.3 BTC for 1 Masternode/3,000 coins. This is roughly . 00043Sats each APR.

APR will have real use and apart from being Masternode/Stakin has several incentives for holders/people who invest in APR thinking long term. I alreadybought 2 APR masternodes. Below you will find the intructions on how to participate on APR Private sale along with info on how to participate in an APR Giveaway which I'm hosting on Twitter.

1) Join APR Discord:

2) Contact APR KING#5732

Tell him that you would like to buy 1 Masternode and that TheKinGeeK#8321 sent you.
Note: If you can't afford a full masternode, you can always buy fractions of an APR masternode; 100 coins, 200, etc. Minimum is 100 coins.

He will give you instructions on where to send the payment in BTC. After you send give him the hash ID and your main email as they will send you the receipt and add you to the list of Private sale buyers. When they release the official wallet which will be on Linux, Windows, and Mac then they will contact you again and send your APR coins to your APR wallet.

APR Masternode Return Of Investment

APR Use Case

Quoted Text

APR Magic - Marketing: Hello @everyone we are excited to announce the official summary of the real world use for APR Coin. We are proud to be the 1st project in the crypto space in the Loyalty Rewards Management industry.

Real World Use: The APR Loyalty Platform (Final Name and Release Date TBA)

The APR Team has currently begun work on the design and implementation of a proprietary loyalty rewards program wallet and for real world affiliates and their points programs along with a MasterPool for APR Coin. Users will be able to login to the mobile or web version of this loyalty program management wallet (separate from their APR Coin staking wallets) and manage all of their loyalty programs in one simple interface.

Users will also be able to exchange points and miles between real-world affiliate reward programs and APR Coin through the proprietary APR MasterExchange. Redemption for shopping and gift cards will be just as simple. They will be able to park real world loyalty program points or miles in the APR MasterPool, a proprietary staking pool, to Private sale said points from expiring. While storing coins in the APR MasterPool, users will earn APR Rewards based off of their network weight.

This real world implementation, yet to be named, will accessible by not only large retailers and companies, but small businesses as well. A custom API will be created to allow businesses globally to create and connect to their loyalty program to the APR loyalty rewards program wallet and exchange.

Important APR Links
Official Site:
BitcoinTalk ANN Thread:

300 APR Coins For 3 Winners! (100 APR Coins Are Worth $500USD)

To participate visit the Twitter link below or click on the Twitter's logo



Disclaimer: I'm not a financial adviser, not a professional trader, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. Always do your own research.


Thanks for letting us know about the Apr coin and hope it will work well in future.

Great informative post post bro

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Smartcash is way better.

good work

Great post ..Well done
One should put these tips between his eyes
Thanks for sharing this with us‏

Thanks for the post, been wanting to get a masternode for awhile now, this helps for sure, the profits seem insane :)

Very nice post, informative, straight forward, well executed.
And makes me want to investigate more.

I've upvoted you with Steem Power and followed you...

I am surprise that I never found you until now, @dineroconopcion.
I am a passive income lover myself but do not have enough knowledge to look for the really profitable staking coins. Excited to learn more from you so new follower. Thanks!

I totally agree with you that every altcoin should have real purpose in real world



going to 2600$?

Thanks for sharing the post

masternodes are often too expensive to start for the small guy. for example the 1.3 btc cost of this masternode is quite high especially for a relativvley new platform.

its understandable that you make profit but i just wish there were some more affordable options. affordability is the main obstacle in decentralization. high costs lead to those with the means to be able to seize control. its how many currrent cryptos have been co-opted by banks and other institutional entities.

smartsteem has masternodes that are currently under1k

No every masternode is expensive. APR is expensive because they are building a coin that people wont try to dump for quick profits. There are many proof of staking and masternodes that are fairly cheap. You just need to look for the right ones.

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hola como estas? con cuanto es lo minimo para unirme al master node???
buena suerte!!!! ten buen dia

how old is this coin.. and what makes it so valuable $$

You have got to be kidding me with this. Did you really spend $150+ SBD to promote this shit post?

Your wallet seems to think so:

I know you are looking out for yourself and you want the action you get from your masternode but be honest. Tell them what will happen or what might not happen. There's a good chance these people will lose all their money because you decided to be greedy. If you involved insomething interesting share it as if you understand the good the nad and they ugly.

Everyone knows there's no giveaway. and if this staking isn't tied to a contract that cannot be accessed edited altered by the team then you might be safe.

Sad day on steemit when I see this shit. Good way to make friends.

Mmm yes I spent more than that actually because I'm able to do it. This might be shit to you, but not to me. There is something call freedom of speach, so I'm able to post about whatever I fucking want.

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Let’s see proof of give away. I have seen a lot of giveaways that never happen. Sounding rather defensive for someone who is acting honest. Hmm.

Yeah the defensiveness...
It's how the "filthy rich" give out good karma...

No karma circling back at this guy until I see the proof.

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Crypto has essentially (for now) ran out of smart money so the dumb money clearly needs help in that transfer of funds from the IDIOTS to the SHARKS....

Steemit too a whore for ICOs lately...


without moderators steemit is just a platform to be abused. i believe there needs to be a proper mox of the decentralized and centralized to create a synergistic enviornment for progress. some people are so dead set on decentralization but they don't realize it opens the door even wider for malicious entities to ANONYMOUSLY cause problems.

I hope a team can come up with something thatgives the best of both worlds

you and one other person, alakazam, made a good point. there are actually two replies on here that are exactly the same, "experts like you", i just joined steemit and im following these trending "highly valued" posts to see what good content there is out there, but all i see are bots, replies that dont seem like replies just friends or maybe more bots, shit content. wtf.

I kind of agree, but I believe we need a change of culture not a centralized system. Right now, click-bait esque types of posts go viral. As a community we need to do a better job using our vote for actual quality content and not just attractive posts.

Hey bitch, I'm part of their promotion team and like everyone else in Steemit I'm just promoting. APR is not a scam you stupid fuck, go read the whitepaper and talk with the Devs. Stop accusing people just because you son of a bitch. If you don't like it Downvote and move along envious fuck. People like you would never get to my level of wealth because you focus way too much in what others are doing, poor cunt.

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Take a moment to correct that...

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So where is the usability of this coin? Looks shit and 1.3 BTC for a masternode thats crazy!

Read the post and white paper and you will understand that utility of the coin. For you is shit, for me it isn't, but I do respect your opinion. Thanks for your comment.

Do you know ? A Shared Managed Masternode platform. Low entry managed masternodes. No technical knowledge needed!

I will take a look, thanks.

Done it already @don_rilly on twitter... You can check it out... Thank you very much

Damn fool look at all these comments! Who sounds like a bot now?!?

great article



Sale APR. Something new. Helpful information.

Very interesting information. I have always thought about how to invest in cryptocurrencies, but I need to read about the experiences of experts like you first

i am like your post
i am resteem your post

Thanks for sharing this awesome opportunity! Crypto is so the future, so I think it's important people start becoming more aware of how it all works and how it's going to end up being incorporated into our society. For now, getting into different coins early, and making some fiat money off it for now, for somewhat short-term gains, are totally helpful and just plain awesome :)

Thanks for sharing, I've smashed the upvote button for you!

If you are looking to get hold of some crypto without investing or mining, look into They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

Que bueno no tengo tanto dinero para entrar al masternodes pero intentare participar en el concurso de las 300 monedas.

Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos Francis.

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Very interesting information. I have always thought about how to invest in cryptocurrencies, but I need to read about the experiences of experts like you first. :D :D

don't use this guy as your example. you stand to lose out listening to turds like this.

Should he listen to TA and charts guys? Get the fuck out! Compare your Steemit's wallet to mine, clearly I'm doing something right. I'm winning at crypto, you are not. Deal with it kiddo 😋

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

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Excelete @dineroconopcio! that we have people who keep us informed of what we do not know. Hehehe thanks! :-D

All of crypto currency which one is most easiest for us???

that's is really nice of you could anybody tell me that is there any restruction by countries ?

Thanks For Sharing Some Important Tips. I Totally Agree With You About alt coin

If u want come to my first post :D vote and follow, I follow back!

wow this is awesome ,great post

On which exchanges will APR Coin be listed and will this Ico not be like others.

Hmm beautiful a post Ummmmmah

What a lovely artical ....i vote it.

Very interesting information. I have always thought about how to invest in cryptocurrencies, but I need to read about the experiences of experts like you first. :D

I can see some people arguing and insulting which is not necessary. if you don't believe in the project state it with reasons so others can learn. that is what steemit is about.

A lot of info I hardly understand. Where does the APR wallet come from and if it comes to these 3 points: doesn't each altcoin have a real use case? Or... what is the defenition of 'real use case'? Congrats with your profit

  1. Wallet is made by the Devs. Creating a wallet takes time because they need to look and fix any exploit/bug before releasing.

  2. Not every altcoin has utility. For example IOTA, Cardano, and many other at the moment don't have anything to offer but vaporware.

Thanks for taking the time to explain a bit more. I will search for some more info

Good luck to everyone who would like to win the giveaway.
And thank you @dineroconopcion for your informations about APR and also the giveaway.

Help me friends. for experience..


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Thanks for sharing some tips for showing your own due diligence.
A good idea to earn while holding a sign is a good idea. Likewise, the steam codes we use in the Steam platform should I use the opportunity to win your decision. Maybe I'm happy today.

Very Useful post.

Is this decentralized?

can someone explain that what is APR-coin and how to earn from steemit.

This is a good project, but I'm afraid that the activities of scammers who have use ICO to defraud people may affect the believe in this project. Anyway, it looks good.

Good info, may i ask about the risk of hacking and safety issue. It about trust to transfer own coin to other people to manage. If you can describe a details, this is good investment i trust



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Interesting. . . . I mean there's a new ICO what seems like every day now. but some hold potential. Just depends on what unique differentiating factor is being brought to the table.

Great information

I have been doing a ton of research on polymath lately. It seems like the next big thing getting security tokens on the blockchain. And polymath is the playform to do it. What do you guys think?

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TheK1ng33k KinGeeK tweeted @ 26 Mar 2018 - 23:00 UTC

300 $APR Giveaway for 3 winners! Each winner will recieve:
100 $APR (Worth $500USD each) Follow the steps below:

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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I see, read and enjoy your nice post innovative add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing some tips for showing your own due diligence.

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Yes agree its great to share thx

Sir what is the future of Cryptocurrency? As there are rumors that Bitcoin price will be down more at 1000USD.......
Is it real prediction or its fake???
Please advise......

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Thank you ! for all your cool blogs.
Will try my luck

Really it will be awesome program. i'm interested
please give me any vdo tutorial

its a great post...very good for this post...I am totally agree with you that every alt-coin should have real purpose in real world....@dineronopcoin

good. agree with you.
my upvote still not valuable but as i like this post.. upvoted

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